Facebook sells your attention NOT your data!

Facebook and Google compete for your attention. They create and manage experiences to capture and hold your attention. They sell your attention, not your data. They collect and use data about you as input to a prediction machine that helps them create individual experiences that capture and hold human attention at scale.

They need lots of data about you to create those experiences. They have no desire to sell your data! That’s their competitive advantage in creating experiences that capture and hold your attention long enough for an advertiser to influence your subconscious decision making processes.

“In one rotation of our planet, Facebook and Google’s prediction machines will make over 500 trillion accurate predictions about 4 billion people.”

Mind Media Group, LLC

It’s your attention that has value, not the data about you. Organizations that buy/sell data about you, do so for the purpose of creating an experience that will capture and hold your attention long enough to allow a 3rd party to influence your decision making.

Google and Facebook go about very differently. Google buys your attention by giving you answers for free. Facebook buys your attention by giving you surprise and wonder for free. It’s a very profitable business because your attention is extremely valuable. Your attention is required for the following popular 3rd party actions:

  • Buy Now
  • Sign Contract
  • Sign Up
  • Learn More
  • Get Offer
  • Try it

The prediction machines provide the input to the EXPERIENCE MACHINE. Facebook and Google offer multiple software experiences to harvest attention. You may have heard of a few of these:

  • Instagram
  • Whatsapp
  • Google Maps
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Google My Business

The prediction machines help the experience machines create unique experiences for each and every individual user at the very moment they tap on an icon on their smartphone. It’s the experience that captures and holds human attention.

As business executives and entrepreneurs, we’re taking advantage of this current situation in two distinct ways:

  • We have a new employee! An artificial intelligence software agent that works for us through influence and action with the right people at the right time. Relative to the alternatives, She is dirt cheap! You can hire Ali (her name) for about $25,550 per year. That includes her healthcare, 401K, benefits, etc. She does not require vacation time nor sick days since she is 100% software.
  • We’re leveraging this new employee across other areas of the business to cut costs and optimize business flows. Most businesses are able to fund her through these cost cutting measures within the first 90 days.

Once you get used to “cohabitating” with Ali, you’ll achieve positive cash flow within the first 90 days!

If you need help, we’re here to help. We’re easy to do business with. We’re $60 per hour. No contracts, Pay as you grow.

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