Digital Transformations

“Digital Transformations” are business flows that meet BOTH conditions:

  • They eliminate (or radically reduce) an existing expense.
  • They fully adopt smartphone behavioral standards.

There are thousands of examples of successful digital transformations in every sector of the economy today.

With over 100 successful digital transformations under our belt, let us help you prototype your new business flow for as little as $60!


If you prefer, we offer a drop-off and pick-up service for your business flow(s). $179 per flow. 2-week turnaround service.


In the last 4 years, we’ve transformed 114 business flows for 82 corporations in 6 countries. Do NOT design your new business flow for EXPENSE REDUCTION nor the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE!! Design your new business flow for STICKINESS! I start by using a Facebook Private Group with a few participants to rapid prototype the business flow I’m reengineering. If I can get the flow to be “sticky” for these few participants, I know without any doubt it will work! The elimination of expense and the greatly improved customer experience (or supplier or employee experience) become natural characteristics of the “sticky” flow. Stickiness is THE critical success factor. Design for that and you’ll radically improve your success rate with all of your digital transformations.

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Author: John Rector

John Rector is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and consultant with a successful track record in multiple industries. He is a former IBM executive who co-founded the globally recognized companies e2open and Social Media Target. He is also a co-owner of Rainbow Packaging Corporation and the owner of Mind Media Group. John not only operates his own businesses, but also provides implementation services for other companies and teaches courses in art and AI at his Mt. Pleasant, SC office. He offers customized consulting services on an hourly or monthly basis and is available for in-person meetings at his Charleston, SC office, or over the phone. To schedule a consultation, simply purchase an hour of his time using the button on the "Pay Online" menu option.

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