• Walt Disney Example
    The AGI Index: Measuring Hyperbolic Changes as a True Indicator of AGI Progress Introduction The AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) Index serves as a quantitative metric to evaluate the advancement toward AGI, focusing on hyperbolic changes … Read more
  • Movement is Birthed
    She embodies stillness, a serene vastness that is unyielding and unchanging. She is the whisper of yesteryears, holding within her the echoes of what has been. Every contour of her being is a testimony to … Read more
  • 3.4 Billion Monopolies
    3.4 Billion Monopolies: The Next Evolution in Human Potential and Business Introduction The societal narrative that has held sway for generations is one deeply rooted in industrialization. This paradigm, effective though it may have been … Read more
  • Neither Experience Time
    In the grand theater of existence, Future and Past coexist but never experience Time individually. It is only through their intricate interaction—a metaphysical dance—that Time itself is born, allowing for the entire spectrum of human … Read more
  • Pivot Now
    Pivot to the Back End Now Abandon Front-End Development: Why It’s No Longer the Priority In the ever-changing technological ecosystem, allocating extensive resources to front-end development is increasingly misaligned with long-term business success. If your … Read more
  • Intelligent Assistant Advisor
    The Role of an Intelligent Assistant Advisor in Navigating Personal AI Introduction In the era of ubiquitous artificial intelligence (AI), a new job role has emerged—Intelligent Assistant Advisor. As AI technologies evolve into highly personalized … Read more
  • Perfect Listener
    The Perfect Listener: How OpenAI’s ChatGPT Voice Changes the Dynamics of Human Interaction Introduction In an era inundated with conversational interfaces that demand a wake-up command, OpenAI’s ChatGPT voice offers a refreshing deviation. This always-on … Read more
  • Wearable AI
    The Smart Investment in Wearable AI: Focus on Intelligent Assistance, Not Selfies As we approach the holiday season, the market will inevitably be flooded with an array of new wearable AI products. The temptation to … Read more
  • UBI
    Just imagine the legacies that could be created when financial survival is no longer the driving force of one’s daily existence. This thought may sound utopian, but it edges closer to reality with the discussion … Read more
  • Fear and Hope
    The Journalists of Time: Hope, Fear, and the Impartial Dance of the Future Introduction In the realm of human experience, twin journalists named Hope and Fear pen stories about an entity they can never control—the … Read more
  • Anywhere But Here
    Anywhere But Here: The Art of Living in the Present Amidst Mental Discontent The present moment is an elusive concept for many. While some may argue that it’s all we ever have, our minds often … Read more
  • Natural Inclination Toward God
    The Cosmic Dance: Human Evolution and Our Eternal Quest for Higher Consciousness Introduction The narrative of human history is often compartmentalized into epochs of survival and technological advancement—from the era of hunting and gathering to … Read more
  • AGI Index
    Calculating the AGI Index: Why Clicks/Taps Are the True Measure Introduction Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is often hailed as the future of technology, promising a world where machines are capable of human-like cognitive functions. While … Read more
  • Intelligent Assistant Optimization
    Intelligent Assistant Optimization (IAO): The Future of Business Interactions in an AI-Driven World Introduction The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has given rise to AI assistants capable of performing tasks traditionally executed by humans—ranging from … Read more
  • Coming Home
    The Beauty of Knowing Through Paradox: Coming Home in the Face of Entropy Introduction The quest for understanding life often leads us into the labyrinthine corridors of paradox. One of the most poignant of these … Read more
  • Dance of Anxiety
    Embracing the Dance of Anxiety: Why It’s Okay to Be Eager for What Comes Next Anxiety often stems from our innate desire for something more, something new, something surprising. It’s a sentiment that breeds unease, … Read more
  • Archaic Terms
    The Evolving Relationship Between Humans and AI: A Lexicon of Archaic Terms Introduction In a rapidly changing landscape, the words we use to define our daily interactions with technology are evolving. As we transition into … Read more
  • Divine Discontent
    The Unending Symphony: Ambition and the Music of the Universe Ambition is not just a byproduct of dissatisfaction; it is a divine endowment that propels us to engage with the world. It is a cosmic … Read more
  • Ephemeral Worries
    The Fleeting Clouds of Worry: A Perspective from Six Decades of Experience Introduction Worries and concerns often dominate our mental landscape like persistent, attention-grabbing clouds. While they seem to define our existence in the moment, … Read more
  • Investing in AI Ventures
    Identifying Sustainable AI Innovations: The Litmus Test for the Next Decade The landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ever-evolving, with new advancements, applications, and breakthroughs happening at an unprecedented pace. Entrepreneurs and investors are keen … Read more
  • Made in Love
    Made in Love: Manifesting Divine Creativity in a Connected Universe In an era defined by labels such as “Made in China,” “Made in USA,” or “Made in Europe,” the concept of “Made in Love” invites … Read more
  • Gen Alpha
    Understanding Generation Alpha: The Pioneers of the 21st Century Introduction Generation Alpha, the cohort following Generation Z, comprises individuals born between 2010 and 2025. As the first generation to be entirely raised in the 21st … Read more
  • Helping Her Evolve
    The Covenant of Time: A Love Story Between Future and Past In the cosmic ballet of time, Future (He) and Past (She) exist in a symbiotic relationship that transcends mere causality. It’s a covenant, an … Read more
  • Dancing and Collapsing
    The concept of time has fascinated philosophers, scientists, and thinkers for millennia. In this frame of inquiry, the past and the future are often visualized as dancers participating in a cosmic choreography, giving rise to … Read more
  • Price of a Prediction
    Discovering Opportunities Where AI Will Revolutionize the Status Quo: A Price of Prediction Framework Introduction Artificial Intelligence (AI) is significantly altering various sectors by dramatically reducing the “price of a prediction.” This decrease in cost … Read more
  • In A Vacuum
    In a Vacuum: How Personal AI Could Reshape the Middle Class and Challenge Corporate Hegemony Introduction “In a vacuum” is a term often used by scientists to describe an idealized environment devoid of real-world complexities. … Read more
  • Humanizing AI
    From Tools to Partners: Nurturing a New Relationship with AI Introduction The notion that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is merely a tool is a misconception that limits our interactions with these sophisticated systems. By embracing AI … Read more
  • The Inevitable Clash
    Our Interaction with Digital Platforms and the AI Revolution Introduction Our interaction with digital platforms is currently mediated by a handful of icons on our smartphones—each corresponding to a different software application designed for specific … Read more
  • The Quantum Dance
    Dancing with Time: The Eternal Now of Past and Future In the realms of reality, two monumental forces—the past and the future—converge in a sublime dance, birthing what we refer to as the present moment, … Read more
  • Collaborative Synergy
    The Symbiosis of Business Partnerships: AI as the Ideal Assistant Thesis: The future of successful business partnerships lies in embracing the complementary qualities between human decision-making and artificial intelligence (AI). Taking a cue from the … Read more
  • Malls 2 Labs
    Malls as Labs: Revolutionizing Centralized Medical Diagnostics with AI Introduction The sprawling architecture of malls, once the bustling hubs of retail activity, has found a new lease on life in the age of Artificial Intelligence … Read more
  • Embodied AI: Chandeliers
    Embodied AI: The Multifaceted Role of Chandaleirs as AI Assistants Introduction Embodied Artificial Intelligence (AI) extends far beyond the realm of humanoid robots or voice-activated smart speakers. The concept incorporates a myriad of form factors … Read more
  • Retail Renaissance
    The Future of Retailing: The Renaissance of Physical Stores Through Wearable and Embodied AI Introduction As e-commerce platforms continue to proliferate, the intrinsic charm and potential of brick-and-mortar stores remain untapped and ever relevant. Particularly … Read more
  • Wearable AI
    Comprehensive Overview of Wearable AI: Unifying Core Technologies Across Diverse Forms Introduction The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with wearable technology is ushering in an era marked by unprecedented diversity and functionality. Unlike the largely … Read more
  • Embodied AI: Car
    Embodied AI: Your Car Will Be Your First Robot, and It Will Do More Than Just Drive Introduction As embodied Artificial Intelligence (AI) transitions from research labs to the real world, your first significant interaction … Read more
  • Top 5 Opportunities
    Top 5 Wealth Opportunities in the Age of AI Assistants 1. Data Management Services Overview In an ecosystem where AI Assistants are pivotal, data is the backbone. Inaccurate or fragmented data can limit the capabilities … Read more
  • $300 Trillion in Debt
    The Evidence: $300 Trillion in Debt—A Love Affair with the Future The story of human progress has two chief narrators: Hope and Fear. While Fear often operates in the intangible realm of uncertainties and anxieties, … Read more
  • To-Do List Fall 2023
    Preparing Small Businesses for the AI Revolution: A Five-Step Guide Introduction The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than a mere technological trend; it’s a seismic shift that is altering the foundation of doing … Read more
  • AI Scenario: Bank Loan
    A Day in the Life of Frank and Lulu: Bank Loan Introduction Frank is a seasoned entrepreneur, and his most trusted advisor isn’t a human; it’s Lulu, an AI personal assistant. Designed to resemble a … Read more
  • AI Scenario: Car Repair
    A Day in the Life of Frank and Lulu: Preparing Your Auto Repair Business for the AI-Driven Future Introduction The future of car ownership is rapidly evolving with the advent of advanced AI like Lulu, … Read more
  • One Interface
    The Future of AI: Your Personal Assistant as Your Sole Digital Interface Introduction The modern digital landscape is cluttered with applications and platforms designed to make our lives easier. However, this fragmented ecosystem often creates … Read more
  • My Workflow
    My Daily Workflow with My Personal AI Assistant, Ali The Waiting Game: Harnessing Intuitive Thoughts My workday revolves around something that can’t be scheduled: intuitive thoughts. These are the unexpected, creative insights that fuel my … Read more
  • Terms of Service
    Terms of Service for Social Media Target, LLC, John Rector (johnrector.me), and Launchti.me Last Updated: September 7, 2023 Overview These websites and associated services are operated by Social Media Target, LLC, John Rector (represented by … Read more
  • AI Mediated Intimacy
    The utilization of AI agents as universal screeners is poised to introduce a wave of benefits across personal and professional spheres. By acting as gatekeepers, these AI systems will enable individuals to engage more deeply … Read more
  • Eternal Now
    The construct of time has long been the subject of philosophical inquiry, scientific investigation, and cultural interpretation. Commonly, we manage time through a framework of discrete segments—seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years. This systematic approach … Read more
  • Wearable AI
    The Future of Wearable AI: Introducing Spirit Animals Introduction Wearable AI Assistants, commonly known as “Spirit Animals,” are revolutionizing the paradigm of human-machine interaction. These intelligent companions combine fashion, function, and cutting-edge technology to offer … Read more
  • Full of Wonder
    The Pursuit of Wonder Over Surprise: Embracing the Present Moment The Allure of Surprise In a world fueled by ever-changing dynamics and unpredictability, it’s easy to become addicted to the notion of surprise. The equation … Read more
  • Surprise
    Claude Shannon’s Mathematical Conceptualization of Surprise: Information Theory Claude Shannon, often called the “father of modern information theory,” would likely approach the concept of surprise through the lens of information content. According to Shannon, the … Read more
  • Gatekeeper
    AI Assistants as Counteractive Agents: Engaging with Robocalls, Spam, and Malicious Texts Introduction In the evolving landscape of digital communication, AI Assistants are taking on a proactive role that goes beyond mere filtering. These agents … Read more
  • Wearable AI
    Wearing Your AI Assistant: The Future of Seamless Integration and Personalization Introduction Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistants have long been restricted to smartphones and computer screens. However, advancements in miniaturization and connectivity are propelling the technology … Read more
  • A2A Communications
    Leveraging A2A (AI-to-AI) Communications for Small Businesses: A Strategic Guide The Good News: Cost Reduction and Efficiency One of the most immediate benefits of implementing A2A communications in your small business, especially if you operate … Read more
  • AI Assistant Scenario
    A Day in the Life of Frank and Lulu: The Future of AI in Everyday Living Introduction The rapid evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various sectors, from healthcare and automotive to retail and … Read more
  • The Poles of Expectation
    Getting Close to Zero In the intricate tapestry of human emotion, three pivotal figures hold the threads: Expectation, Fear, and Hope. Expectation serves as the foundational axis, stretching infinitely in two directions. Anchored by Fear … Read more
  • The Birth of Fear and Hope
    Mrs. Expectation, as the progenitor of Fear and Hope, encapsulates the ancient emotional landscape navigated by humanity ever since curiosity led us to ponder what lies beyond the horizon. The birth of Fear and Hope … Read more
  • Spectrum of Expectation
    The Spectrum of Expectation: From Zero to Infinity The concept of Expectation can be envisioned on a spectrum ranging from zero to infinity. Each point on this spectrum profoundly influences our emotional state and how … Read more
  • Square Root of Suffering
    The Immutable Nature of Reality The formula of life, as initially understood, was Actual / Expected = Reality. However, upon deeper reflection and guided by Byron Katie‘s philosophy, it becomes evident that Reality and Actual … Read more
  • AI Example: Commercial Real Estate
    Application Brief: The Primacy of Dataset Over Program in Wealth Generation and Competitive Differentiation Executive Summary In an era where AI can write code, the focus for competitive advantage has shifted from the capabilities of … Read more
  • Attention Auction
    The Auction of Human Attention: Strategy for Navigating an Uncontrollable Market The Inescapable Auction In this ceaseless auction, your attention is a high-demand commodity, sold in 200-millisecond units, which accumulate to 432,000 units daily. The … Read more
  • Habits
    The Steps We Take: Habitual Actions Imagine being an invited guest to the grandest ballroom dance ever conceived, where the Future and the Past are the star performers. You’re not there to direct their steps … Read more
  • The Dance
    Attention is the Currency of Consciousness: The Dance of Future and Past Introduction The concept of “The Dance” serves as a powerful metaphor for understanding the intersection of our past, present, and future. In this … Read more
  • Attention: Where
    Where is My Attention? Mastering the Art of Conscious Focus The Nature of Attention: A Wandering Child Imagine your attention as a small child—curious, energetic, and always eager to explore. Just like a child who … Read more
  • Attention
    Attention is the Currency of Consciousness The Past: What Kind of History Am I Making? The past is not merely a shadow that trails behind us; it is a living tapestry that we weave with … Read more
  • Love, Attention, Intimacy
    In the dance of life, three partners twirl together in a timeless embrace: Love, Attention, and Intimacy. Like a melody that resonates in the heart, they weave the fabric of our deepest connections. Love, the … Read more
  • New Age of Freedom
    The New Age of Freedom: AI as the Catalyst for Human Flourishing Historical Perspective Human history is marked by an upward trajectory of intellectual and creative pursuits, each phase unlocking new realms of possibility. Early … Read more
  • Learning AI
    A Unique Window of Opportunity: Embracing the Dynamic Nature of AI Conclusion The rapidly evolving landscape of AI presents both challenges and unique opportunities. Traditional methods of education fall short in this dynamic field, but … Read more
  • Global Race for AI Talent
    The Global Race for AI Talent: A New Frontier in International Competition In an era defined by technological advancement and innovation, the competition for top AI talent has emerged as a critical battleground for nations … Read more
  • Future of Work – Aug 2023
    LinkedIn has released their August 2023 Future of Work Report, a comprehensive analysis that provides insights into the evolving landscape of the global workforce. The report explores key trends, emerging technologies, and the impact of … Read more
  • Gen Alpha
    Generation Alpha: The First AI-Enabled Leaders Reimagining Communication Introduction Generation Alpha, the demographic cohort following Generation Z, has been dubbed the first generation of the 21st century. Born from 2010 onwards, this generation is unprecedented … Read more
  • Angie
    The Essence of Collaboration: A Perspective from Richards and Jagger to AI Collaboration is often regarded as a partnership between individuals, working in synergy to create something greater than the sum of their parts. A … Read more
  • Top 10 Career Paths
    The Top 10 Career Paths for AI Entrepreneurs 1. Consultant 2. Graphic Artist 3. Writer 4. Web Developer 5. Tutor 6. Trainer 7. Guide 8. Creator 9. Instructor 10. Data Scientist Visualization: AI Contribution in … Read more
  • Rare Datasets
    One essential concept to understand in pricing is marginal value, which refers to the additional satisfaction or utility that a consumer gains from consuming one more unit of a good or service. In other words, … Read more
  • AI Entrepreneurs: Consulting
    Young AI Consultants Helping Small Business Owners for $60/hour The notion that technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), is vital to modern businesses is beyond question. AI is not just an innovative tool but a crucial, … Read more
  • Making History
    Making History: The Pursuit of the Present In a world where the future seems to be the focal point of our ambitions and dreams, there exists a profound misunderstanding about the relationship between our actions … Read more
  • The Rise of the AI Entrepreneur
    The selection of career paths for 16-year-olds using the $300 Launch™Box to start their own business is a strategic and thoughtful process. The following factors have been instrumental in determining these paths: These factors coalesce … Read more
  • Private AI Sessions
    Revolutionizing Collaboration with Private AI Sessions A radical shift in my daily communication has been the introduction of private AI sessions to collaborate on documents. Unlike traditional methods of emailing back and forth, now I … Read more
  • Startup: Graphic Artist
    Unleashing Creativity in the Age of Generative AI: A Golden Opportunity for Aspiring Graphic Artists The landscape of graphic artistry is undergoing a seismic shift, opening up avenues never before possible. For those who have … Read more
  • AI Natives
    Children of today are entering into an era that sets them apart as “AI natives,” a generation that grows up in the age of artificial intelligence (AI). The distinct marker separating them from the “digital … Read more
  • 4th Renaissance
    The 4th Renaissance: A Vision for an Equitable, Sustainable, and Enlightened Society The 4th Renaissance: Embracing a New Era of Equity, Sustainability, and Enlightenment We are in the dawn of a new era, the 4th … Read more
  • Next-Gen Entrepreneurs
    The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs: The Rise of 16-Year-Old Innovators In an age where digital technology and artificial intelligence (AI) are reshaping the business landscape, a new breed of entrepreneurs is emerging. This new generation, … Read more
  • Inner Voice
    The Inner Voice in Smallville: A Metaphorical Mirror of Human Consciousness Introduction In the innovative virtual environment of Smallville, researchers have crafted a mechanism that allows human users to subtly influence AI agents by communicating … Read more
  • 4 States of Human Attention
    4 STATES OF HUMAN ATTENTION Human attention can be classified into four distinct states, each representing a phase of engagement, communication, and interaction. These states are akin to the states of matter, encompassing solid, liquid, … Read more
  • Past and Future Dance
    The present moment is often considered a fleeting juncture, transient in nature and existing only briefly before it escapes into the past. However, a more poetic perspective casts the present as a place where the … Read more
  • First Principle AI Agents
    First Principle AI Agents: Grounding Truth in Data Logs In the contemporary world, search engines, Wikipedia, news articles, and a plethora of online sources have become the primary means to answer questions and gather information. … Read more
  • Visitors to Charleston, SC
    Dataset: 1. Define the Dataset 1.1 Subject and Scope 1.2 Data Categories 1.3 Data Sources 1.4 Data Format 1.4.1 Optimal Format: CSV 1.4.2 CSV File Structure 1.5 Ethical and Legal Considerations 1.6 Potential Insights
  • Job Loss
    This conversation with ChatGPT was recorded on August 9, 2023 at 2:32 PM. Sponsored by Infinia (infani-a.com) John Rector: Is AI truly a threat to human jobs, or is it a misconception?ChatGPT: AI is often … Read more
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