John Rector

John Rector is the IBM executive that co-founded the world-renowned E2open and Social Media Target, LLC. John Rector provides expert advice on business, success, and tech in the digital economy. His hourly rate is $60.

John Rector uses Shopify™ on a daily basis. This software is the backbone of his own business (chs.farm) that performs both models (shipping and local delivery). With this hands-on expertise, he has helped dozens of other business owners implement some of the more advanced features of Shopify™ to improve their sales and/or reduce costs. He charges $60 per hour for consulting and/or implementation work.

Social Media Target, LLC Cover

John Rector is the President of Social Media Target, LLC. He has created thousands of high-converting Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns for hundreds of corporations in dozens of countries over the last 11 years.

He is a business consultant for a few business professionals at a time on a monthly basis. His monthly rate is $960 (1-hour slot each day including weekends – same time every day – you initiate the call).

Mr. Rector facilitates 4 hands-on workshops per week on various topics. Tap here to see his upcoming schedule and class description.

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    I love helping organizations big and small significantly improve their business processes. Feel free to call me directly to discuss +1-843-327-6008

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