An accomplished, award-winning, digital transformation consultant highly regarded for generating significant business results using proven software technologies and innovative approaches. A very passionate international executive with over 25 years of successful implementations with well-recognized brands in the Global Fortune 100 as well as mid-tier brands in the entertainment & hospitality industries in the United States of America.

– Reengineered the supply chain processes at Samsung, Siemens, and Cisco.
– Founded a $200 million startup called E2open using i2 and Ariba software.
– Closed multi-million dollar ERP deals with Intel, Motorola, and AVX.
– Negotiated supplier collaboration contracts with Ministers of China and Armenia.
– Speaks to key industry leaders and politicians on smartphone behavioral standards.
– Creates strategic digital sales campaigns for small & medium businesses resulting in record-breaking increases in revenues, and social media exposure.

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I’m a digital transformation consultant. I transform existing business processes into digital processes that increase revenues, decrease costs and improve the customer experience. I do this by using proven technologies and innovative approaches. To me it’s art. Your existing business processes are the raw materials I use to create something new that your customers love.


smt-logo BIG TRANS
Helping companies transform their traditional business processes by adopting social media behavioral standards


I have dozens of these “digital transformations” in production right now. Every morning I gauge their performance by assessing the “feedback loops” that monitor key performance indicators 24/7/365. After I make my morning assessment, I’m either adjusting the ones in production or I’m creating new art.


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My ability to do what I do comes from the projects I have worked on at these companies


Right now I have digital transformations in production at Firefly Spirits, The Citadel, The Charleston RiverDogs, The Windjammer, Music Farm Productions, and Blend Juice Bars that are generating revenue, decreasing costs and improving the customer experience. If you want the same modified specifically to your business, all you have to do is call me at 843-327-6008.

Here’s a list of some of my accomplishments…

– Award winning career.
– Reengineered the supply chain processes at Samsung, Siemens, and Cisco.
– Founded a $200 million startup called E2open.
– Negotiated a semiconductor deal with the Prime Minister of Armenia.
– Keynote speaker to thousands of industry leaders and politicians.
– Created strategic digital sales campaigns for key clients resulting in record-breaking increases in traffic, revenues, and overall web exposure.

I’m very excited about the digital transformations ALL businesses will undergo over the next six years. I hope you pick me to help with your transformation.


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Digital Caricature


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Realtime Digital Signs and Menu Boards
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Event Production Company


Mr. Rector is a digital marketing and strategy thought leader and your partner in creating the future through digital innovation. He builds content marketing strategies by understanding key elements such as target audiences, content map, brand tone, distribution channels, competitive content styles etc. He builds the plan. He maps the customer’s journey, strategy, positioning, messaging, key tactics, budget, and dependencies. He develops an integrated segmentation and messaging strategy across the different programs within Growth Marketing (digital/offline /CRM/SEO /platform/program management). He recommends targeting, segmentation, and personalization based on campaign objectives and goals. He runs content marketing campaigns including copywriting. He does public relations including media relations. He builds digital/social media strategies and campaigns. He performs SEO audits and analysis. He provides SaaS companies with marketing experience and demand generation tactics. He creates marketing content, including blogs, webinars, whitepapers, infographics, contributed articles and email marketing content. He drives engagements with proven success in revenue generation. He has experience with inbound and outbound marketing. He has implemented modern marketing methodologies and technologies.


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