Threshold of Procrastination

The compelling reason to act now occurs when the pain level exceeds the threshold of procrastination.

A threshold is price, terms and conditions.

Therefore you have 3 options at the threshold that you can negotiate with your prospect:

                    1. Promise

                    2. Price

                    3. Terms & Conditions

Top salespeople CO-AUTHOR promises. A pain relieving promise avoids lowering price or altering terms and conditions. To increase your profitability you need to co-author THEIR promises with INTEGRITY.

INTEGRITY is important in 2019 and beyond because the artificial intelligent software agents that govern over search and social online experiences can smell bullshit through the “ethernet”. If you’re making false promises, you’re done already. You just don’t realize it.

Your core business value proposition must be built on a solid foundation of INTEGRITY! It is just a matter of time before the software agents sniff you out.

If you need help, I can help. It is my purpose.

Welcome to your future.

1 thought on “Threshold of Procrastination

  1. Murphy says:

    Back to applying solutions to my perceived problems.
    Thanks John.

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