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“Fortune magazine has been sold to a Thai businessman for $150 million.”

If you’ve looked at Instagram lately, you’ve noticed the “For You” tab in the upper lefthand corner. Whenever you click on Instagram, the software agent builds YOU a magazine just FOR YOU. This magazine has a cover and 215 pages. Those 215 pages of content (which includes videos) are masterfully crafted from 272 contributing journalists that have recently published new works for your viewing pleasure. This magazine includes only 12 ads. This magazine is free. When you return to view this FOR YOU magazine later this evening it has been updated with fresh new content from some of the same contributing journalist as well as new ones. 

Keep in mind that this magazine is built just FOR YOU. You cannot text your friend and say “Did you see the cover of FOR YOU magazine at 6:53 PM today?” I mean you can but it won’t make any sense to your friend since the software agent built him/her a completely different FOR YOU magazine. 

It’s not just Instagram by the way! Twitter now makes you a magazine just FOR YOU. LinkedIn makes you a magazine just FOR YOU. Snapchat masterly handcrafts a magazine just FOR YOU. Facebook makes a magazine just FOR YOU. 

980,000,000 humans are reading one of these magazines right now this very instance (if we include WeChat). If you would like to be a CONTRIBUTING JOURNALIST to one or more or these magazines please CONTACT ME

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