Socially Redesigned by John Rector

Mr. Rector is often spotted hanging out at the intersection of business process management (BPM) and social media.  His BPM experiences with Samsung, Siemens, IBM, E2open, Semi, Panasonic and Nortel (to name a few) combined with his 8 years studying social media business concepts makes him ideal to socially redesign one of your core business processes.

Why would you ever want to socially redesign one of your core business processes?  great question!  Here’s why. . .

  • significantly reduce costs

  • significantly improve data quality

  • significantly improve the timeliness of critical information

  • significantly improve decision making cycle times

  • significantly reduce the time it takes to onboard new team members

  • significantly improve customer relations

  • lowers stress and increases morale due to the most recent information always available at the moment I need it

  • significantly increases knowledge sharing across the entire team

This is a one time charge fixed cost offering.  $500 USD non-refundable deposit due at contract signing.  $4,000 USD before the first presentation (problem statements and conceptual solution alternatives).   The remaining balance of $5,000 USD due 30 days after final presentation.

This price includes the following deliverables:

  • Situation Analysis

  • Small Group Interview Breakthroughs

  • “As-Is” Business Process Model Diagram (limited to 60 objects)

  • Problem Statements / Root Cause Analysis

  • Solution Alternatives with comparisons

  • “To-Be” (2B) Business Process Model Diagram (limited to 60 objects)

  • Exceptions Analysis Summary

  • Trigger, Emitter, Receiver Descriptions

  • Return on Investment Analysis

  • Action Plan

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Written by John Rector

John Rector is the President at Social Media Target, LLC. He is the co-founder of E2OPEN. His original works (videos, images and blog posts) are seen by millions of social media users daily. At IBM, he implemented Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions at the top 50 electronics companies in Asia, The Americas and Europe. He is the winner of six Golden Circles.

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