Social Media vs. Broadcast Media

A TV Show is a great example. The Big Bang Theory is the content stream. It plays from right to left at 24 frames per second on a widescreen monitor (16:9). In order for a business to be a part of this content stream it typically interrupts the stream with a TV commercial (aka “Ad”).

A social media stream plays from bottom to top (we typically scroll up) at less than 1 frame per second on a smartphone screen (9:16). In order for a business to be a part of this content stream, it places itself into the stream AND interacts with the audience in the comment section.

A social media stream is made possible by Artificial Intelligence (AI). An intelligent software agent produces a TV Show just FOR YOU frame by frame on demand AND adds a comment, share, react (heart or like) button to each frame.

Your 2019 CHALLENGE is to “make the cut”. That AI software agent picks 1,499 frames from a pool of 1.78 trillion available frames of content to make a stream just FOR YOU.

Your business has 3 opportunities in each frame:
1. In the clickable circle at the top
2. In the content itself
3. In the comment section below

All three cost time and money. Unlike “The Big Bang Theory” TV Show, the AI software agent will create over 78 billion TV shows just FOR YOU today. You have plenty of opportunities each and every day to get your business message into someone’s stream. . .
or hundreds of streams, 
or thousands of streams, 
or millions of streams,
or billions of streams.

Social Media is a better return on investment (ROI). You measure it exactly the same:

1. Lower costs
2. Increased revenues
3. Greater market value*

* social media is an asset that has value on your balance sheet. It is an intangible asset that has a calculable value that is added to your goodwill (an accounting term).

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