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Social Media Target, LLC is John Rector’s world-renowned social media agency. Founded in 2010, we have created thousands of social media campaigns for hundreds of companies in dozens of countries. Millions of people engage with our high-converting ads each and every day.

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Social Media Target, LLC is the registered owner and creator of "The Secret to Social Media in 18 Realizations."

One in three human beings spend 33% of their screen time on a social media app! A social media experience is analogous to interacting with an interactive magazine that was created just FOR YOU at the moment you touched the mobile app icon on your device.

The secret to social media is using etiquette and empathy to gain proper access to unique human experiences that are created by artificial intelligence.

Social Media is software. It resides on massive data centers throughout the world. When you press your finger/thumb on your favorite social media app on your smart device, you enter into Her universe. She is an artificial intelligence software agent that creates and manages billions of unique experiences every day.

The Secret to Social Media is the sole property of Social Media Target, LLC.

1. Realizing that you are in Her universe. 
2. Realizing Social Media is INTERACTIVE media.
3. Inter-action with proper Etiquette.
4. Inter-action with EMPATHY!

Each EXPERIENCE contains 100 frames.
Each FRAME contains a top, middle, bottom section

You have the opportunity to participate in 1 or more frames in 1 or 2 or 3 sections up to 36.5T (trillion) frames.

If done well, you can transform your business and disrupt your entire industry.

We can teach you how or do it for you. We are $60 per hour. No long term contracts. Pay as you go.

The Secret to Social Medial is. . .


Realize that the software agent is only concerned with how much time her “experiencers” (readers, viewers, listeners) spend IN the experience.

The software agent creates and manages a unique magazine for each and every individual. If she likes your post/ad, she will place your post/ad into their experience where she deems most appropriate.


Social media is more like installing a new phone line in your office. People will see your post/ad AND interact with it! Brands that inter-act with people IN their experience will WIN! Those that use autoresponders and auto reply “please visit our website” will LOSE. Billions of dollars in marketshare will migrate from losers to winners in 2019 and beyond.


Use “dog park” ETIQUETTE! Social media is like a dog park. Always use proper dog park etiquette with the dogs, dog owners, professional dog walkers, and the software agents that govern over the park. Poor etiquette can be the death of your Brand!


Again, the secret to social media is co-habitating successfully with the software agent. She serves her human customers by creating a unique “Human Experience” for each and every one individually on demand. She will gladly place your FULL PAGE post/ad into their experience IF it helps her keep her human users IN the experience(as measured by “time spent”).


Understand fully WHY the HUMANS have a social media experience! Help her keep them IN the experience and she will be your best friend. SHE creates, manages and governs over ALL experiences. It’s HER universe that you are IN. Respect that or suffer the consequences. Again, just look around. See anyone on a smartphone? Adopt or die!!

The reason that Tasty is worth more than the combined purchase price of Time magazine and Fortune magazine (both recently sold to individuals) is because 1 in 3 human beings spends 33% of their screen time on a social media app. You have the same opportunity. Die with Fortune and Time OR be the next TASTY. You decide.

Social Media Target, LLC is the world renowned social media agency most notable for its consistent 7-10% engagement rate with millions of people (700 days in a row!)

John Rector, President, is the author of The Secret to Social Media and the 4 States of Human Attention.

Products & Services:
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Management (turnkey)

We can teach you how or do it for you. No long term contracts. Pay as you go.

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