Attention is like Gravity

It takes courage to move your attention to where it is supposed to be. No pain, no gain. If your attention is falling into a gravitational PULL, give it sufficient force (aka “courage”) to move it to where it is supposed to be.

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A Promise is a destination. Your attention is like gravity. It is always with you. You always have and will continue to always have attention as long as you are a part of the Human Experience. Any other destination regardless of distance is a PROMISE. Pain pushes you toward a promise OR pleasure pulls you toward a promise. The sufficient FORCE required to MOVE your attention toward a Brave & Bold Destination is called “Courage”.

When your attention is in the right place, you get to experience the benefits of life that were always intended for YOU.

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BEWARE: There are many destinations for your attention. It is very easy to get distracted in 2018. The smartphone and social media have made your awareness field much larger. Your awareness field will continue to grow exponentially as the machine learning agent that governs your smart devices continues to broaden your horizon.

When you realize you need help with your digital transformation, I hope you choose me. I can help you! I will help you! It is my purpose. It is my calling. I’m right where I’m supposed to BE!

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Written by John Rector

John Rector is the President at Social Media Target, LLC. He is the co-founder of E2OPEN. His original works (videos, images and blog posts) are seen by millions of social media users daily. At IBM, he implemented Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions at the top 50 electronics companies in Asia, The Americas and Europe. He is the winner of six Golden Circles.

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