If you have a passion to help others I can teach you how to use your existing knowledge of social media to help businesses large and small to solve complex business problems at a fraction of the traditional costs. These businesses will hire YOU to lead THE project YOU invented. Your project is easily justifiable with a verifiable return on investment (ROI).

ali meet ali

We do most of the work but YOU are the Project Lead getting paid $60 per hour for your leadership and diligence in seeing the project through to completion.

All businesses must transform over the next 4 years. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will create sufficient pain in their business affairs to warrant listening to your proposal.

Let me teach you how. It only costs $299 per student per semester. You will be glad you did. In 6 months I will be so busy that I will no longer be able to make this very generous offer.

This is mostly done over the phone in private sessions but you will have access to the entire Online University anytime day or night to complete your courses.

Mastery Program

365 days course access + private phone sessions + certificate of completion (assuming you complete)


Written by jsrector

The founder of a multi-channel cloud software company. A highly experienced technology executive that consults with heads of states, chief executives, celebrities, producers, fellows, artists, authors, engineers, global brand managers and small business owners on artificial intelligence and the human experience (attention + awareness)

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