Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligent software agents create, manage and govern over most mobile app experiences in 2019. Whenever you push down on your favorite mobile app icon on your smartphone, an artificial intelligence (AI) software agent creates a software experience just for you at that very moment. The reason AI is mandatory for most of the popular mobile apps in 2019 is that it is beyond human scale to create billions of individual experiences on a daily basis. This is analogous to a billion unique Vogue magazines with 100+ pages being created every day! Even if Vogue Magazine could employee a million human workers, they could not create this many magazines. However, a machine learning artificial intelligent software agent can create and manage 3 billion magazines that each contain 100 pages that are tailored very specifically to each individual quite easily.

Mind Media Group Artificial Intelligence
Mind Media Group, LLC helps Brands partner with Artificial Intelligence

Facebook, Inc. uses artificial intelligence to make trillions of predictions on a dataset that contains 3 billion rows and 29,000 columns. Each row is a Human Being. Each Human Being has 29,000 attributes that are being updated every second. Again this work task is quite easy for an artificial intelligent software agent.

Artificial Intelligence creates billions of human experiences every day.

Machine learning software agents are NOT well suited to perform human intelligence. However, these software agents are amazing at managing big datasets that are way beyond human scale. The humans will always outperform the software agents. The software agents will always outperform the human beings. We meet in the middle in place called “Judgement”.

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