Personal and Mass Media Merge

Just yesterday, I could with great certainty predict the odds of your brain filter receiving my message. The messenger (email, television, voice mail, radio, text, mail, magazine, newspaper, brochure, billboard, etc.) would deliver my message to you as instructed. My calculated odds that you would consume my message would be highly accurate.

The paradigm has shifted. In my article “That bitch! She didn’t read it.” the noise level has risen so high, that your spouse no longer consumes your personal messages in a predictable manner. Your message can easily get lost in your spouse’s noisy digital realm. Your “emitter” doesn’t work as well as it once did 🙂

The most common question globally in the 21st century:

“Did you get my message?”

There are many reasons for this recent phenomenon. This section of this article will explore the verifiable evidence of these phenomenal changes in brain filter behavior NOT the root causes. Root causes will be explored in the next section.

Verifiable Evidence of this Phenomenon:

  1. The ALGORITHM is the same now. The algorithm to predict the odds of your spouse consuming your personal communications is the exact same algorithm used to calculate her odds of consuming a mass media integrated marketing campaign. This means that personal media and mass media COMPETE in the same mental space now. This is a paradigm shift for marketers and advertisers.
  2. The mass adoption of personal content creation tools (Snapchat drawing tools, Boomerrang for Instagram, etc.). These PERSONAL content creation tools are just as sophisticated as mass media content creation tools. Snapchat has a speculated market value of $15,000,000,000. The market value of The New York Times Co. is $2,000,000,000.

Root Causes of this Phenomenon:

group of business people in creative working  space

Most studies of the basal ganglia in 2008 still show that “low capacity individuals” and “high capacity individuals” have a predictable threshold. Regardless of how the filter is set; regardless of the individual’s capacity; the THRESHOLD has a limit. The noise level or as I call it, the Cosmic Background Radiation (CBR) is so loud that only “certain” content objects are heard. We train our brain to see BLUE and not YELLOW. However, the background color keeps shifting from red to purple in seconds (not minutes or hours or days or months or years) making it very difficult to distinguish between blue and yellow.

Lessons learned:

  1. Timing is critical (with the inclusion of a kill switch)
  2. Delivery is critical
  3. Relevance (NOT affinity)  is critical!
  4. Time decay is critical

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