The Nature of Mother is 7

mothers nature 1of7
Mother’s Nature 1 of 7 by John Rector


The nature of Mother is 7.
She requires a protective container.
This container must keep some things in and some things out.
Without 1 of 7, there is no 7.
First is the wisdom to know what to keep in and what to keep out.
It is the beginning of life.

Mothers Nature 2of7
Mother’s Nature 2 of 7 by John Rector


The nature of Mother is 7.
She is ENERGY.
She doesn’t create it.
It was given to Her.
An exact amount to play with.
She is not allowed to delete it.
It is password protected.
You are a part of Her game.
All the energy you have is not yours,
It was given to you freely,
Use it wisely.
You get to decide how to transform your energy moment by moment
You are 0.0000000000000000000000001% of the whole rather you are a prince or a peasant.
You are connected to ME and I AM connected to YOU

She plays often
The name of her game is called The Universe.
Most of the good, the bad, the ugly you witness is not Her doing.
There exist 7 forces which interact even when She sleeps.
The Universe is NEVER at rest.
There is no pause button.
These interactions use a mathematical model called “chaos” to make sure the Universe persist through expansion.
Without expansion, the game will be automatically flagged, archived, and deleted to make room for a different game with new and improved features.
You are not transferrable.
This Universe is all you get.
Enjoy your day, it is NOT guaranteed.
PS. when bad things happen to good people, it is NOT Mother’s nature.
It is simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time when a chaotic incident occurs. Trillions of chaos incidents occur every second.
I’m sorry for your loss. I really am. He/She was not just your loss but mine as well.

mothers nature 3of7
Mother’s Nature 3 of 7 by John Rector


The nature of Mother is 7.
She is reproduction.
No two can be exactly the same.
She chose the binary system for Us.
A default setting.
In the spirit of diversity,
She dinged you up like hot rocks and jeans
in a washing machine.

Mothers Nature 4of7
Mother’s Nature 4 of 7 by John Rector


The nature of Mother is 7.
She gave you purpose.
Without purpose, there is no need.
You do not create your purpose.
You simply find it.
Once you find it,
Open it.
Do your best with it.
Practice it.
Collaborate with others that have been given the same classification as you.
Share with others that are different than you.
Embrace your purpose.
Your purpose is non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and non-transferable.
Your purpose is why you are here.

Mothers Nature 5of7
Mother’s Nature 5 of 7 by John Rector


The nature of Mother is 7.
Her constant is change.
A body at rest is Her lie.
You either evolve with Her or die.
Learn this lesson and not just survive,
but thrive.

Mothers Nature 6of7
Mother’s Nature 6 of 7 by John Rector


The nature of Mother is 7.
Everything you know is but a sliver of planck time.
Your childhood is a memory.
Your flip phone is a dinosaur.
Your reasoning is archaic.
Your presence is endangered.
Everything is hurtling towards extinction.
with one exception…
Time itself.


Mothers Nature 7of7
Mother’s Nature 7 of 7 by John Rector

The nature of Mother is 7.

If you speak at 20 Hz, I can hear you.

If you glow at 400 THz, I can see you.

If I vibrate with you, we resonate.

If I shift phases, lock on.

If I’m making noise, adjust the dial.

If your vibe cancels mine, We can’t be heard.

If your vibe amplifies mine, We are an amphitheater.

No body is a rest.

Every thing is in motion.

You cannot adjust your spectrum.

It was given to you by Her.

If you cannot see me or hear me, you simply weren’t designed to.

If you do hear and / or see me, adjust your dial so We can resonate together.



Author: John Rector

John Rector is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and consultant with a successful track record in multiple industries. He is a former IBM executive who co-founded the globally recognized companies e2open and Social Media Target. He is also a co-owner of Rainbow Packaging Corporation and the owner of Mind Media Group. John not only operates his own businesses, but also provides implementation services for other companies and teaches courses in art and AI at his Mt. Pleasant, SC office. He offers customized consulting services on an hourly or monthly basis and is available for in-person meetings at his Charleston, SC office, or over the phone. To schedule a consultation, simply purchase an hour of his time using the button on the "Pay Online" menu option.

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