Be like water in business

Be like water. Water does some amazing things! Many of them are counter intuitive!

  • In its solid phase it floats on its liquid phase.
  • It expands when it freezes.
  • It has 2 different liquid states.
  • It can solidify at temperatures above its boiling point.

Your business can do some amazing things! Many of them counter intuitive.

Be like water

You live in a very different world than just a few years ago. Traditional websites, email marketing, advertising, SEO and social media are the new baseline. 2020 offers you new tools, techniques, and technologies that can help you leap frog your competitors.

Look around! Although it is counter intuitive, you know it to be true. As business professionals, we see stuff floating that should sink. We see things expanding that should be contracting. We see weird and confusing business phenomenon all around us!

Dos and Donts in 2020:

  • Don’t ignore your real bottomline. It is your true compass! If your bottomline is in decline, it is trying to tell you something very important. Please listen to your bottomline.
  • Be willing to TRANSFORM your ways. Be willing to ADOPT smartphone behaviors. Be agnostic to your yesterday.
  • Hire an expert! GET A DIGITALLY SAVVY FRIEND! Ask questions! Listen intently. Take appropriate action.
  • Don’t spend money on yesterday’s tech! It’s on sale for a reason.
  • Don’t play catch up! Now is the time to leap frog.

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