Search vs. Social 2020

Google is now the great Answer Engine. The result is the answer in less than 0.31 seconds. It is no longer a Search Engine that points you to a website that contains the answer. That website measured success in lengthy session time and multiple pages per visit (low bounce). The exact opposite of an Answer Engine!

Email is still the dominant mail system of choice for most Americans. I’ve noticed that American Gen Z business executives enjoy email as a rite of passage. However, all of them without exception tell me to text them that I sent them an email. Most Gen Z business executives and entrepreneurs tell me their preferred mode of communication is text now.

Text is now a Chat App for most. 97% of all smartphone owners use a Chat App in addition to their native text app. These Chat Apps provide richer and more consistent experiences across the two somewhat incompatible iOS and Andriod native architectures.

Social is now an interactive experience that has replaced traditional media except for sports. With social media, they can join in the conversation. Social media no longer links them to your website. Social media is the website. They launch their social media app of choice and the full experience comes to them. The “See More” has replaced the “Learn More”.

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