Syndicated Content versus Influencer Marketing

The difference between Branded Content and Syndicated Content is whose logo is clickable in the stream?

Branded Content – If the clickable logo in the experiencer’s news feed (aka stream) is the Creator’s logo, then it’s called “Branded Content”.

Syndicated Content – if the clickable logo in the experiencer’s news feed is the Brand’s logo, then it’s called “Syndicated or Licensed Content”.

The difference between Syndicated and Licensed content deals is Syndicated is measured on reach/impressions/clicks/actions/shares. Licensed content is simply that – a license to use the content without concern for its performance. 

Syndicated deals are typically $ CPM versus a licensed deal is $ per content object.

When your customers/prospects use their finger to slide up on Instagram/Youtube/Facebook/Etc., they are kinda watching a movie made just FOR THEM. Each person sees a “FOR YOU” film. That film plays at variable speed (their finger decides).

If your goal is to get your CLICKABLE LOGO embedded into THEIR stream, then use a Syndicated Content strategy.

If your goal is to get your PRODUCT embedded into THEIR stream, then use a Branded Content strategy.

Your challenge in 2019 is to make the cut! 

There are 980,000,000 human beings that are watching a “FOR YOU” movie on their mobile device right now this very instance in time. Your challenge is to get your. . .

  2. PRODUCT embedded into THEIR “FOR YOU” MOVIE.
  3. Both.
The YouTube Home page. Each person’s “movie” includes CLICKABLE LOGOs. That LOGO is the SOURCE of that content object that “made the cut”.

Regardless of your strategy, it costs money to get you embedded into their movie. 

Content Syndication deals are done using CPM. You see the exact count on YOUR Insights. When a Creator says $22 CPM that is for everything (NOT just the adspend). That price includes ideation, creation, distribution, broadcast, campaign management, engagement management, software licensing, content licensing, education, training, consulting, implementation services, 3rd party fees, adspend, etc.

Give it TRY:

If you would like to TRY a Content Syndication deal, I will embed your logo into 5,000 “For You” movie reels. That’s a $110 value for only $79 USD. That is the total costs for everything!

Content Syndication

I will get your clickable logo into 5,000 "For You" movies.


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