You cannot automate Empathy!

Now you might be thinking, he’s going to convince us that automating empathy is impossible. I’m not! Instead, I’m going to tell you the GREAT NEWS in this reality! Your competitors will outspend you in 2019 on MarTech, Funneling, Scheduling and other automation practices! LET THEM!! Rejoice in the fact that your competitors are entrenched in these practices!! Use this knowledge to outsmart them! Empathy is secret to social media!

Empathy is truly understanding their human experience from their point of view.

Empathy is not that hard if you simply stop thinking about yourself right now, right here! This very instance, take off your shoes! Just do it. Take off your shoes! Walk in their (their = a customer; an employee; a supplier; a prospect, etc.) day! DO NOT walk in their experience in your restaurant or your event or your way or your service. WALK IN THEIR DAY!!! In your mind’s eye: have their breakfast; take their kids to school; put their groceries on their table; walk their dog; etc.

After you complete a full day in someone else’s shoes (besides yours), spend 15 minutes per day on social media COMMENTING ON OTHER PEOPLE’s POST (not yours). You already spend 30 minutes per day on social media; meaning this is just redirecting your attention NOT adding more to do to your already overwhelming to-do list.

Keep in mind, your competitors are “scheduling posts”. 90% of their social media execution (and expense) is all about POSTING (fire and forget). Use this knowledge to outsmart them (not outspend them). Social Media Empathy is FREE!! Both in time and money: The 15 minutes per day is just redirecting your attention to this ACTION versus posting. It costs nothing to BOOST someone else’s day by commenting on THEIR POST!

Human Attention can be in one of four states at any given moment in time.

Do this until you have the Epiphany! You will know when you have the Epiphany! You will not need to ask me or anyone. You will know it as you know your own name.

Don’t automate your lack of empathy!

If you cannot; at least don’t automate your lack of empathy! That alone can save you thousands of dollars! If you can, it will change your life!

Rather you have had the Epiphany or not, I can help. It is my purpose to help you. I’m easy to business with. I’m only $60 per hour! A few hours with me — JOHN RECTOR — may save you thousands of dollars BUT it just might allow you to disrupt your entire industry as the WINNER! Winners take ALL in 2019! That’s priceless!

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