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Welcome to your online university where you will earn your social media mastery certificate at your pace on your schedule. This is ADVANCED STUDIES. You will graduate with the ability to solve complex business problems using social media technologies and techniques. You will be asked to lead social media projects that generate thousands if not millions of dollars in improvements to the bottom line of the organizations you support. Project leaders that improve the bottom line of the organizations they support earn significantly more income than their social media manager counterparts.

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Most graduates of this program will lead projects that pay $60 USD per hour. 

This social media mastery program is NOT about using social media for advertising or marketing. Your curriculum has three (3) Primary Tracks: Suppliers, Employees and Customers. Each Primary Track has three (3) tracks. This map makes it easier to communicate with each other about where we are in our studies and/or where your thesis work is concentrated. It is important to complete your supplier and employee freshman studies before starting on the Customer Track.

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365 days course access

Access to LIVE instructor-led online classes

Individual private phone consultations.

Hands-on experience in real scenarios (not simulated) that produce financial rewards for both the business and the individual while attending this online university.

Earn Your Mastery Certificate for only $2,299 in less than 145 days!!!

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In this unit, we explore new ways to use social media technologies to solve complex business problems.

1. You can now identify business problems in your organization(s).
2. You can describe them using the language of mathematics

pain level FUD threshold

You can classify the pain level of that business problem. People buy solutions to problems when the pain associated with that problem exceeds their procrastination threshold.

If the pain associated with your business problem is not a 4 or 5, move on. You will not get the proper resources (people, money, time) to effectively solve the problem. You will waste weeks (possibly months) asking for resources that you will never get. MOVE ON.


In this unit, we focus on implementing solutions (answers to problems) that deal with suppliers. These are classified as SCM Solutions: Supply Chain Management.

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You start with a lecture on how a Social Media Master, such as yourself, argues his/her case for the alternative solution for a supplier collaboration between a juice bar and a strawberry farm. This lecture focuses on the “Why” you should be able to present your solution idea. With all solutions (answers to problems) there is more than one solution alternative. Using social media to solve supplier collaboration problems will come with resistance even though you can prove mathematically it is the optimal solution choice. In this case study, your chain of 850 juice bars saves over $6,000,000 annually by implementing your social media solution which uses Instagram to reorder fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms throughout North America.


In this Unit, we learn how to use social media technologies and techniques to empower humans to be the very best they can be in a world run by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Graduates can effectively negotiate with AI and empower others to do the same.

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We do not train artificial intelligent software agents. We negotiate with them. Graduates will be world class negotiators that are sought out to negotiate on their behalf AND to empower others to do the same. Welcome to your future compensation package. No longer will you only be paid $25 per hour for your services!

Once you have the skill, you can name your own price.

ali meet ali

Ali (pictured above) is the artificially intelligent machine learning neural networked algorithm that you will negotiate with this semester.

The PERSONAL BRANDING lecture series is included in the Employee Empowerment Tract because it addresses the root causes of unhappy employees and teaches you how to truly empower an individual to be their very best.

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SMT Branding Role supply


In this Unit, we learn how to use social media technologies and techniques to solve customer business problems pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase.

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A “Prospect” is a Customer Pre-Purchase.

In 2017, 99% of the resource allocation (people, money, time) for social media projects was concentrated on prospecting (aka marketing/advertising).

By 2020, most organizations will deploy resources for the SOLUTIONS taught in this Mastery Certification Program. Certified Social Media Masters will lead these projects. Congratulations.

Within a few hours of paying, we will email instructions on how to get started. You can start whenever you want. You have 365 days to complete at your pace. You have phone access to your instructor, John Rector.

If you have questions that need answers before enrolling please feel free to call, text, private message, direct message or email your instructor, John Rector –> CONTACT

I will show you how to use the AI Algorithms already installed on your smartphone and the smartphones of the people in your life/work as a free Virtual Assitant (VA) installed in the “Cloud” that can perform important and mundane tasks on your behalf even while you sleep. I’ll show you how to initially configure your VA and continuously improve “her” on your specific life/work tasks.

Your tuition of $2,299 includes everything you just read (everything on this webpage). You will have access to this online university within 24 hours of the receipt of your tuition. You have access 24 hours per day, 7 days of the week for 365 days from the timestamp of your membership in the secret group on Facebook.

Most graduate in 245 days BUT if you work hard you can graduate in just 145 days!! Again, it’s self-paced and always open.


  1. You must have a smartphone.
  2. You must have a Facebook account.
  3. You must be able to accept a friend request from your instructor, John Rector.
  4. You must be willing to use Facebook Messenger on your smartphone.

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