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Twitter is 10 years old today (March 21, 2016). Everyday 100,000,000 active users “tweet” 500,000,000 short messages (140 characters) with or without rich media attached.

Here at Social Media Target, LLC, we use Twitter to significantly save money and increase productivity in our daily business practices. Here are 2 examples:


“Change Request” Management:

Most of our projects (550 and counting since 2010) have short life cycles. A typical customer project for Mind Media Group, LLC is measured in days from concept to completion. A typical project for Social Media Target, LLC is measured in weeks. Projects for both organizations typically involved ten to twelve team members. Most of these team members are subcontractors hired only for the duration of the project. These projects typically involve many “change requests” that need immediate attention WITH proper documentation, accounting, policy adherence and procedural accuracy (otherwise the client may decide LATER that they didn’t remember approving this change or “forgot” about these changes when the final invoice is presented). We use Twitter to ACCURATELY manage these “change requests” and their associated costs (both in time and money) to the overall success of the project in NEAR REAL TIME with very little training and very little cost.

Asset Management:

Since both organizations move rather quickly to meet our client’s deadlines, we often end up paying too much for assets and / or shipping costs because we did not foresee unscheduled outages, breakage or maintenance schedules. We use Twitter to manage the entire lifecycle of our assets from purchase to end of life (EOL). This includes registrations, automated maintenance alerts and most importantly — direct communication with the asset’s CURRENT lifecycle participants. The lifespan of an asset is typically longer than the attention span of the asset’s lifecycle participants. Twitter allows us to easily reconfigure the asset’s participants.

If your business is interested in using Twitter to significantly improve your business results give us a call to schedule a free assessment at +1-843-327-6008.

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