Project High Water Mark

I woke at the usual time (4:30 AM ET) on Saturday, March 7th, 2037 aboard the USS Gene.sis. The USS Gene.sis (nicknamed “THE’ Island” by the mainlanders) was originally conceptualized in 2014. Prior to the war, the United States of America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) chose the supposed secure naval and air bases in Charleston, SC to begin top secret applied research on project high water mark. It was well publicized that NOAA (not the CIA) chose Charleston, SC in June 2017 (after the war began) because of the abandoned oil and gas exploration floating platform 2.2 miles off the shoreline and that Boeing had “donated” 120,000 square feet of research office space to this commercial humanitarian project that they no longer needed due to a shift in military priorities. Neither of which are true. The CIA chose Charleston, SC as a diversion to keep prying eyes off of the real work being done in Norfolk, VA.

Predicted high water mark for Mount Pleasant, SC in 2064 AD

Charleston, SC was the perfect diversion:

  1. The abandoned FLOATING oil and gas exploration platform (only 2.2 miles offshore)

  2. Charleston’s barrier islands were experiencing significant flooding and erosion

  3. Boeing’s research facility was right next door to the Charleston International Airport

  4. The Charleston Naval Weapons’ Station was ramping up again due to the war

  5. The Charleston Air Force Base was busy, busy, busy since it was the home of C-17.

  6. The low cost of living for 45,000 new researchers / engineers and their families

  7. Charleston’s charm to attract some of the brightest minds and their families to move to the area for the next 25 years of their lives.

A Nemitz-class aircraft carrier is typically manned by a crew of less than 6,000. The USS Gene.sis (aka “THE’ Island”) would be home to 35,000 souls for decades. This floating island would be the first of many floating islands to house up to 20,000 displaced residents (per island) due to rising sea levels. In actuality, it was to be manned by a highly skilled military crew of 25,000 active duty soldiers and their families for the sole purpose of a long drawn out world war estimated in 2017 to last at least 30 years. Since it is practically impossible to prevent spying eyes on a project of this magnitude the “family design” with nurseries, playgrounds, schools and work facilities were perfect to keep the misdirection as real as a well-executed magic trick.  

The spoils of this war are neither land nor oil. The purpose of this war is NOT to revenge the terrorists that smuggled in a “dirty bomb” into the Port of Oakland, CA on March 14, 2017, killing 6,532 souls within the first hour and later another estimated 20,000 within a few weeks and injuring over 100,000. The final death toll was determined to be 48,217. This world war is all about WATER. Not the salty rising water but the drinkable water that is disappearing at an alarming rate.

How ironic that a floating island is our solution to a planetary catastrophe where brothers and sisters will kill each other over water.

To be continued. . .

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