Conversation Lifecycle Management

A digital message can take several forms.

Let me explain. . .

Fire and Forget – an algorithm based on a PUBLISHER publishing. . . a BROKER that feeds sheep.  You’re the sheep btw.  You “subscribe” to a fire and forget message all the time.  You don’t even know you are sheep.  Check your email.  You’ll figure it out.

Long-Running Transactions – a much more difficult algorithm.  It requires to not only WAIT and CONFIRM but it must also be able to undo what it has done.

When I did New Product Introduction (NPI), the process from birth to death was well defined and understood.  So well understood we had “best practices” with original variants.

In SOCIAL PROCESS models, we have zero best practices . . . YET.  We are still researching the optimal.

Conversation Lifecycle Management is a bitch at best.  She’s a tough one to get just right.

We slide glass at amazing rates.  We are at 2.14 seconds moving to milliseconds.


A terribly complex DESIGN that requires . . .

  1. Etiquette – building etiquette in 0s and 1s is almost impossible.  it’s unstructured data.  we can read sentiment today (barely btw).  Etiquette is like reading minds 🙂

  2. Phase Shifting – messages must be able to phase shift –> we have to make sure messages can automatically read the “tea leaves” (timing issue)

  3. Frequency Fluctuations – binary code is wonderful. genius.  However everything you really know is analog. We computer geeks can “sense”.  We can “translate” BUT right now we can’t process a “moody” analog signal at the speed of light.

I’m working on it.

You can thank US later 🙂

Author: John Rector

John Rector is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and consultant with a successful track record in multiple industries. He is a former IBM executive who co-founded the globally recognized companies e2open and Social Media Target. He is also a co-owner of Rainbow Packaging Corporation and the owner of Mind Media Group. John not only operates his own businesses, but also provides implementation services for other companies and teaches courses in art and AI at his Mt. Pleasant, SC office. He offers customized consulting services on an hourly or monthly basis and is available for in-person meetings at his Charleston, SC office, or over the phone. To schedule a consultation, simply purchase an hour of his time using the button on the "Pay Online" menu option.

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