Conversation Lifecycle Management

A digital message can take several forms.

Let me explain. . .

Fire and Forget – an algorithm based on a PUBLISHER publishing. . . a BROKER that feeds sheep.  You’re the sheep btw.  You “subscribe” to a fire and forget message all the time.  You don’t even know you are sheep.  Check your email.  You’ll figure it out.

Long-Running Transactions – a much more difficult algorithm.  It requires to not only WAIT and CONFIRM but it must also be able to undo what it has done.

When I did New Product Introduction (NPI), the process from birth to death was well defined and understood.  So well understood we had “best practices” with original variants.

In SOCIAL PROCESS models, we have zero best practices . . . YET.  We are still researching the optimal.

Conversation Lifecycle Management is a bitch at best.  She’s a tough one to get just right.

We slide glass at amazing rates.  We are at 2.14 seconds moving to milliseconds.


A terribly complex DESIGN that requires . . .

  1. Etiquette – building etiquette in 0s and 1s is almost impossible.  it’s unstructured data.  we can read sentiment today (barely btw).  Etiquette is like reading minds 🙂

  2. Phase Shifting – messages must be able to phase shift –> we have to make sure messages can automatically read the “tea leaves” (timing issue)

  3. Frequency Fluctuations – binary code is wonderful. genius.  However everything you really know is analog. We computer geeks can “sense”.  We can “translate” BUT right now we can’t process a “moody” analog signal at the speed of light.

I’m working on it.

You can thank US later 🙂

Author: John Rector

John Rector is an AI Futurist who predicted the next word in business™, starting with his notable paper from 2015, "Mommy, What's a Cashier?" Drawing upon 40 years of experience in the practical applications of high technology, he assists clients in converting uncertainty into strategic advantages within a one-to-six-year framework. With leadership roles including IBM executive and co-founder of e2open, he has a diverse and impactful background. In the AI sector, he has set benchmarks through his contributions to Mind Media Group and Florrol, pioneering AI-based services and content generation. His investment initiative, Waterway Ventures, is committed to advancing promising AI startups. His creative ventures include founding Bodaro and graphic design studio Palm ❤️. In education, he has launched Nextyrn, which uses AI for personalized learning experiences, and in art, he leads Potyn, an initiative using AI to create bespoke pieces. His ever-expanding portfolio features companies like Nozeus, Infinia, Blacc Ink, and Maibly. Operating from Charleston, SC, his current focus involves partnering with individuals and enterprises to develop innovative business models and processes for the rapidly approaching age of AGI.

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