Siri “What is the last conversation I had with Elizabeth?”

One of the bigger (if not the biggest) value propositions for “glass” (phone, pad, monitor) in 2015 is CONSOLIDATION and INTEGRATION of conversations (and mutual locations, but that’s another story)

Situation Analysis:

Mobile applications conceptElizabeth texts me.  I see a notification on my iPad.  My iPad just happens to be the glass closest to me at the moment.  I enter my password and I’ve already forgotten if it was a text, email, private Facebook message, Twitter DM (direct message), LinkedIn message or a FaceTime.  I can’t just ask Siri “What is the last conversation I had with Elizabeth?”

Problem Statement:

I spend countless hours in individual apps looking for conversation trails that are somewhere but NOT voice accessible.

Solution Statement:

ME: Siri “What is the last conversation I had with Elizabeth?”

SIRI: “Elizabeth private messaged you on Facebook at 11:04am on Tuesday.  Would you like me to read you the message?”

ME: Yes

SIRI: [reads message]

ME: Siri “Please MESSAGE Elizabeth that I will pick up the dry cleaning on the way home”

SIRI: “Done”  “I decided to queue the message until her vehicle is parked.”  “Shall I override?”

Solution Components:

  1. Native Voice Integration (Apple or Android) with native assimilated messages.
  2. Native OS microcode to assimilate all conversation objects to a native and OPEN canonical model.
  3. Industry standard terms, definitions and objects (global)  Rather Motorola, Apple, Samsung, Dell, Nokia, LG, etc!!
  4. End User Training

SPECIAL NOTE on End User Training — High School!

<Locate> should be different than <Find>.  If I ask Siri: “Locate Pizza” I should get a GPS app on my glass with directions to closet validated pizza joint.  If I ask Siri “Find Pizza” I should get list of pizza joints nearby on my glass (with pictures, order buttons, call now button, etc).

This may seem trivial but it is not.  As our glass becomes more sophisticated, we (all of us) will need to learn a new language.  When I was in high school, we learnt typing.  Real fucking typewriters btw.  I was judged on how many words per minute I could type.

I see our future High School classrooms teaching Phonia.  Phonia is the language of your glass.  You look at your glass.  You talk to your glass.  However your glass needs to know you know the difference in “locate” versus “find”.  Phonia nouns and verbs will be taught in school.  Thousands will be gainfully employed in the art of Phobia.

5 thoughts on “Siri “What is the last conversation I had with Elizabeth?”

  1. jsrector says:

    I know! It shouldn’t matter how we choose to communicate. Their should be a holistic model for all conversation trails

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