My rose bush just called me!

In the not-so-distant-future. . .

Colorful flower bouquet from red roses for use as background.My rose bush “Angela” was genetically modified with bioelectronics and a few dozen nano computers and a carbon nanotube antenna.  She doesn’t call me.  She calls my virtual assistant.  I named her BeBe.  BeBe knows my spending limits when it comes to my prize winning roses just before the Valentine Day’s massacre (that’s our nickname for the harvest).  BeBe hears Angela’s concern.  BeBe approves the request and calls my on-call list of certified GMO rose bud specialist.  The 10 certified specialist bid on the job that BeBe specified.  They provide not only their fees but if they can meet the required schedule.  BeBe chooses a primary and secondary winner based on their performance to date, price and a calculated odds of a success.  BeBe notifies the 2 winners.  She awards the primary with a deposit to the escrow agent.  She dispatches the primary and alerts the secondary.   She does all this while I’m attending a Monsanto conference in Las Vegas.

SO!  My question is . . . Was it fair that I won that prize?

Think about it.

3 thoughts on “My rose bush just called me!

  1. Anonymous says:

    you’re always brilliant…

  2. Creekside Friend😇 says:

    Not really, but then who is going to rat you out??

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