Scheduled Post Nightmare #14

There’s a dark side to scheduling your post. . . Turns out social media and its various and diverse platforms and audiences are living breathing entities.

Scheduled Post Nightmare #14

1414889_10152021860303086_168519197_nYou scheduled that delightful loving celebration post for 9:10am February 14th, 2015.  Roses start killing people in the middle of the streets like a scene straight out of iRobot at 9:03am.  hundreds of bodies! thousands of pedals!  Then it happens. . .9:10am! Your scheduled post launches onto the newsfeeds of 4 people (maybe) and you used a stolen image of ROSES for your artwork.  I know!  Scary right?  So be careful with those scheduled post people.  It may come back to bite you in the ass one day.

You can thank me later 🙂

Author: John Rector

John Rector is the President at Social Media Target, LLC. He is the co-founder of E2OPEN. His high-converting ads are seen by millions of social media users daily. At IBM, he implemented Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions at the top 50 electronics companies in Asia, The Americas and Europe. He is the winner of six Golden Circles.

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