The “Numbers Game” days are numbered

If you are in sales or know someone in sales then the “numbers game” has come up in conversation at least once.  The theory goes something like this –>

10,000 “impressions” will yield 200 “clicks” which will yield 6 purchases (3% conversion rate). This is mathematically and statistically correct for a mast majority of products and services.


Impressions became impressionable.  The math is still correct. However it’s moot. Consumers became “self aware” recently with a little help from their friends.  The uninformed consumer making irrational decisions in a vacuum is a dying breed. Most consumers have a peer group of advisors now. This peer group is accessible 24/7/365 on their mobile device.  All they have to do is ask. Their peer group of friends of friends is more than happy to help.


Best friends taking selfie and having fun outdoors
Your Help-Me-Make-Better-Decisions-in-My-Life Committee. 


Sales persons no longer can engage a prospect with an offer that is not validated by a peer group.  The advent of the “peer group” changed everything.  It flips the “numbers game” over to the flip side.  To be a successful salesperson in 2017 requires your heart. They require your full attention.  The transaction has ended.  The relationship has begun.

You will now wake each morning and ASSESS your “engagement list”. You will only see the names of people on that list. You will not see their title. You will see them, not their role. You will judge your list by its quality, not its quantity. You will be able to predict with the same statistical accuracy how many deals you will close or how many widgets you will sell by the quality of your engagements instead of the quantity of leads.


Each relationship (everyone) is interconnected with the other relationships you have. This is complicated math BUT simple common sense.  If you focus your energy and time on building and/or maintaining the right relationships (that are constantly changing btw), YOU will be successful regardless of how you measure success.

If you are not having any success at selling, stop selling.  Start helping.  Somebody needs you on their team right now.  You are needed, right now, right here by somebody. Hear their call.

You must evolve or die. To the degree you survive or thrive is your choice. How you measure success is your choice. However, the Feedback Loop doesn’t lie. It can’t. If you’re not successful, it’s your fault!

You can thank me later 🙂

Author: John Rector

John Rector, a former IBM executive and co-founder of e2open, has an impressive portfolio of leadership roles across a range of companies and industries. In the realm of digital marketing, he has successfully led Social Media Target, ensuring its competitiveness in the ever-evolving digital landscape. He has also served operationally at Rainbow Packaging, focusing on the delivery of farm-fresh produce. John's creativity and vision for web technologies shine through at Bodaro and Palm ❤️, the latter being a graphic design studio founded in June 2023. He has also ventured into the education sector with Nextyrn, a tutoring startup that leverages AI for personalized learning experiences. His entrepreneurial spirit has also seen the founding of Potyn, an innovative project that uses AI to create bespoke art. The newest additions to his extensive portfolio include Nozeus, Infinia, Blacc Ink, and Maibly, further expanding his influence across various industries.

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