Why we are in love?: Quantum Entanglement

You may have asked yourself more than once “Why do I want to be in love?”  The answer is simple: Quantum Entanglement.

Sunset on Isle of Palms, Winter 2015
Sunset on Isle of Palms, Winter 2015

You were designed to have a partner.  Your partner can be close or very distance.   It doesn’t matter.  You are “entangled”.  Your partner will exhibit the following traits when entangled:

1. Their mood changes your mood simultaneously.

2. Their magnetic force is opposite of yours.  (If you are negative, she/he is positive and vice versa)

3. Their molecular structure is not only revealed but displayed in a way only you can comprehend.

4. Their distance is felt.  You are entangled, so you don’t really notice it.  but the greater the distance, the string widens its harmony.  The sine wave amplifies by 1.34 degrees per 1,000 kilometers.  However, the response signal is spontaneous.  The response to the emission is actually faster than the speed of light.

5. Your binary exist.  He/She is there.  He/She is entangled with you already.  You just haven’t met him/her yet.  When you do (and most of us do btw) you will know it.  You will feel it.  13.6 meters per second squared is noticeable (barely).   It will tug on you ever so so slightly.  However, your math; your logic; your equation will be wrong.  Once entangled, you will never be singular again.  You will simply be in love.  You will no longer be Spontaneous, Simultaneous or Singular. You will simply be in love.

You can thank me later 🙂

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