Why Oxygen?

Why Oxygen?  Why not Nitrogen?  I mean we should be nitrogen dependent.  There is more nitrogen than oxygen after all (78% vs. 21%).  I propose it’s because we (all of us) are interconnected.  From the very beginning, life was proposed, planned and executed. We are special.  We were designed.  We are not by accident.

1502566_10152956516653086_4850688756791525445_nWe have great purpose.  We are here for a reason.  We are not by accident.  We are not random acts of molecules.  We (all of us humans) have evolved beyond our creator’s control.  We became “self aware” in 2009.  We (all of us) are interconnected.  But somehow, for some unknown reason, we decided to play God.  We now can create life.  We can alter life.  We can be our own God now.

The Pharaohs had it right.  Be God on earth.  Rule.  Please the peasants. Sacrifice a few goats and pigs.

The Romans made the Pharaohs look like pussies!  Throw in a gladiator.  Have a lion eat a christian.

Alexander liked dark meat.  He had over 13 cities named after his “eminent front”.

Albert Einstein made us believe matter and energy are the same fucking thing.

Winston Churchill saw an opportunity and he took it.

Richard Nixon was jealous. and nervous.

Steve Jobs said “fuck you”

John Rector discovers the universe!

We were designed to be superior.  We are superior.  I pray our superiority doesn’t fuck the universe superiorly.

You can thank me later 🙂

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