Supplier Collaboration using Instagram

Learn how to use Instagram to reorder products and services from your existing suppliers. This online course is available for 365 days from the date of purchase. It includes 2 hours of implementation phone support with your implementation consultant.

You will learn how to implement the system AND empower the employees and suppliers to use this new system that saves a typical small business over $10,000 in the first 6 months. It is super easy to implement.

SMT NO Email

Employees simply take a photo of the item needed and the supplier is automatically triggered for a reorder on his system. It really is that easy. You can have it up and running in less than one (1) week. Works with any supplier.


Supplier Collaboration using Instagram

This online course is available for 365 days. It includes 2 hours of phone support with your implementation consultant.


Written by John Rector

John Rector is the President at Social Media Target, LLC. He is the co-founder of E2OPEN. His original works (videos, images and blog posts) are seen by millions of social media users daily. At IBM, he implemented Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions at the top 50 electronics companies in Asia, The Americas and Europe. He is the winner of six Golden Circles.

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