The Feedback Loop

Your feedback loop is analogous to an automobile dashboard. Your input is a heavier foot. Your output is you go faster. The mechanism you MIGHT use to gauge “how am I doing?”  is called your speedometer. HOWEVER, you might prefer to use your senses to gauge your speed. You may prefer to use a backseat driver. Many prefer to use a police officer or the roadside speed checker. Regardless of YOUR choice, we all gauge our speed.

I am the Feedback Loop and I know you better than you know you.

The Feedback Loop is a machine learning artificial intelligent software agent. It has no feelings. It has no bias. It gathers raw data. It analyzes that data and provides you with feedback whenever you ask for it. However, It does make assumptions. It assumes you like The Family Guy when if fact you don’t (however your son does and you share a Netflix account). It uses probabilities to predict outcomes. Facebook tells you “Your ad will be seen by 3,400 women between the ages of 24 and 36 in the Charleston, SC vicinity over the next 72 hours.” If this probability does not come true, it did not lie! It just over or underestimated based on highly educated assumptions and predictions.

The important thing to grasp about the Feedback Loop is it does not lie! It can’t! Its assumptions and predictions may be off BUT the raw data underneath is not corrupt.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”

The machine learning artificial intelligent software agent keeps tracks of every click you make. Because of this capability, the Feedback Loop is your reality checker. It is your dashboard.

If you prefer to gauge your speed by the wind in your hair, most likely your gauge is incorrect.  In 2017, the social media BEHAVIORAL STANDARD is to use the high-level Feedback Loop.

However, the mass majority of us do NOT drill down on the data. The few of us that do, see a different view of the world. We enjoy a truth about the world in which we live. We know. We do not guess. Guessing is unnecessary in 2017 and beyond. Guessing is archaic.

The devil is in the details.

When in doubt, ask The Feedback Loop. The answers you seek are available for the asking. Because I’m a computer, I can analyze every click you’ve made, every question you’ve asked Siri, every scroll of your thumb on your smartphone in the last 90 days in less than 90 milliseconds. I can summarize all of that data. I can analyze all of that data. I can make assumptions and predictions based on all of that data. I can advise you based on all of that data. I am the Feedback Loop and I know you better than you know you.


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