Sliding Glass: A Behavioral Standard

Sliding Glass was published on July 8, 2015. In it, you will discover a 3-year-old child that slides glass intuitively. “Sliding glass” is a BEHAVIORAL STANDARD in 2016. Steve Jobs did not invent it but he sure made it ubiquitous.

Organizations that adopt


experience SIGNIFICANT rewards and competitive differentiation.

This article dissects just ONE behavioral standard: SLIDING GLASS.  Before we dissect sliding glass, you should be curious about these so called SIGNIFICANT rewards. A significant reward is game changing. For most businesses, a significant reward is classified as:

  1. A significant increase in REVENUES
  2. A significant reduction in COSTS
  3. A significant improvement in CUSTOMER SATISFACTION (aka audience retention, brand love, etc.)

The key word is SIGNIFICANT! Your brain automatically puts SIGNIFICANT REWARDS at the top of your to-do list. In business (as in life) we seek rewards BUT spend most of our time AVOIDING PAIN. 95% of all the business activities you are doing right now are classified as AVOIDING PAIN (not ACHIEVING REWARDS). This is typical. It is why so few thrive and the mass majority survive.

The word ADOPTION is used and the word THE. Let’s start there.


Creating standards is for the mighty ones like Steve Jobs. 99% of us simply adopt the standard. You simply say to yourself “This is the way it is now”. You wake up! You see the behavior for the first time even though you have been swimming in it. You yourself have adopted the standard while your business processes FIGHT IT with your blessing. The moment you simply ADMIT TO YOURSELF that your business process(es) has NOT adopted a behavioral standard is the moment you have opened the door for SIGINIFANT REWARDS to enter into your business. It will NOT enter until you see it, admit it and are willing to ADOPT. Do NOT think of it as CHANGE. You are not changing your business model. You are simply ADOPTING behavioral STANDARDS.


I call it “THE SOCIAL BUSINESS MODEL” not a social business model. Again, we are ADOPTING something that already exists. We are NOT creating your version! We ARE re-engineering your business processes. We use the term “re-engineering” because your business process(es) must undergo a transformation. It is your business process that has NOT adopted THE model. It must be re-engineered.


You “slide” glass. The term glass is derived from your first experience with the surface of your smartphone. The act of “sliding” is important, not the surface (or lack of surface in the case of virtual reality). We used to just slide left, right, up and down. Now we can slide in and out as well (3D touch).

  1. A 3-year-old gamer slides glass to START, ENTER, TURN THE PAGE, EXIT.
  2. An 85-year-old resident slides glass to CHECK-IN.
  3. A 55-year-old shopper slides glass to AUTHORIZE PAYMENT and PRINT RECEIPT.

It is a BEHAVIORAL STANDARD. I do not need to teach you how to slide. You intuitively know how.

The next time you are curious about YOUR business, ask yourself this simple question: “Where is sliding glass ALREADY built into my business processes?” You may be surprised by the result of this curiosity.

The real question is where can sliding glass be SIGNIFICANT in YOUR business. Again, you may be surprised by the result of this curiosity.

Sliding glass is only ONE of DOZENS of new behavioral standards that impact your business right now.

I’ve re-engineered business processes for the Fortune 100 as well as my neighborhood restaurant. If you need my help, call me at +1-843-327-6008 or Contact Us.


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