The AfterLife (Part 6 of 6)

Do you believe in ghosts? Why is seeing one so rare? Why are most ghosts spotted by children? I have answers. Let’s answer the latter first. Why children moreso than adults? Upon arriving in adulthood, you are suggested to hand over your “childish ways”. Unfortunately, this includes your curiosity in matters that are outside the circle that was drawn for you by your parents, teachers, and other authoritative figures. We (most of us) handed over our curiosity in things that no longer exist in the here and now as we understand it.

All our normal tendencies are lost in the process of domestication. And when we are old enough for our mind to understand, we learn the word no. The adults say, “Don’t do this and don’t do that.” We rebel and say, “No!” We rebel because we’re defending our freedom. We want to be ourselves, but we are very little, and the adults are big and strong. — The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz

The primary reason ghost sightings are rare is simple math. In Part 1 we learned the 1% rule has flipped polarity. The long version was expressed 1:9:90 and now 90:9:1. The “rule of thumb” is simple: For every object born (not including the abortions calculated in Part 1) only 9% of the 1% will interact with an object in the here and now.

0.01 x 0.09 = 0.0009

Of that, only 9% will share:

0.0009 x 0.09 = 0.000081

Of that, only 9% will investigate:

0.000081 x 0.09 = 0.00000729

Of that, only 9% will share a ghostly sighting:

0.00000729 X 0.09 = 0.00000066

SO! you need 1,515,151.515151… objects to “notice” 1 ghost.

UNLESS it’s Elvis! then everyone will share that sighting and now everyone has seen a ghost. 🙂

Ghosts exist. They are everywhere all the time. As an adult, you only see what your brain allows you to see.

Old family wedding portrait vintage clothing


Even objects that never launched can come back to haunght you.

  • An old poloroid
  • A 35 mm left in a closet
  • A memory on Facebook
  • An archive
  • A backup

There is no “end of life”, only the afterlife. 

be creative. be bold. be brave. be social… be Curious!

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