There are only 3 types of people in 2016.

  1. Content Creators
  2. Content Curators
  3. Content Consumers

Mark Cuban is not a fan of a “digital footprint”. I am. If you create content in the digital realm and it leaves a footprint even after death. . . . congratulations.

If you are a curator, congratulations! You are the 9 in the 90:9:1 rule (google it).

If you consume content more than food, congratulations. You are listed as a citizen in the digital realm. Embrace it. Reveal in it.

PRIVACY is a myth. There is no cyber dust. There is no sustainable $15B Snapchat (sell now). Every click you make is recorded (and archived btw). Embrace it. Allow your “digital footprint” to truly speak the truth about YOU!

Embrace who you are. You may have a wart. You might be a ganGsta. You might be a secret poet. You might be a dangerous person in the presence of civilized people. Doesn’t matter. Your digital footprint is recorded, analyzed and cat·e·go·rized 🙂

Get over it! Big Brother already exist. Every click you make is recorded. There is no such thing as cyber dust or snapchats. They are unicorns. It’s important that YOU think you have privacy BUT YOU do NOT! If you have a smartphone, Google knows more about you than you know about you.

Right now, this very moment. . . . I can tell who is pregnant by analyzing the EPT UPC sales at Target. If I look at Walmart I get a different result btw.

YOU are a Universal Product Code (UPC) rather you like it or not. Embrace it. You have no other choice. Welcome to 1984.

PS. I can eliminate 90% of violent crimes worldwide because I can read your “digital footprint”.

PSS. Fuck you Mark Cuban! 🙂 PSS. love you.

Written by John Rector

John Rector is the President of Social Media Target, LLC. He is the co-founder of E2OPEN, a multi-channel cloud software company. A highly experienced technology executive that consults with heads of states, chief executives, creatives, artists, authors, engineers, global brand managers and small business owners on artificial intelligence and the human experience (attention + awareness.


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