Real relationships rather in business or life are notable. As bystanders, we can’t help but notice something special when we are in the presence of real relationships.

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Why is this? Why can humans at a distance detect and take note of real relationships? Do humans in real relationship emit an aura or a pheromone? What is the nature of these rare relationships that seem to glow with a distinct odor?


Your conscience directs your actions with regard to the MUTUAL EXCHANGE OF VALUE CONTRACT. This contract is UNWRITTEN. Neither party(ies) sign this contract. However, all parties KNOW. ONCE it is obvious to the parties in a non-binding contact called the “Mutual Exchange of Value Agreement” that one of the parties involved is out of balance, the equation is SUPPOSE to self-adjust.  However, many times it does not because of the usual suspects:

(a) fear of losing something you think you have but don’t or

(b) GREED.

I know, it’s hard to believe, but some of us will actually violate our conscience and our instincts to do the next right thing BECAUSE we’re greedy. We know it. We rationalize it. We justify it. We FEEL IT IN OUR BONES. We KNOW!

SO! What do we do about it? I propose we implement a REAL RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (RRM) in our business affairs to replace our existing CRM processes and systems. I know! It’s a very bold implementation plan, to say the least, but the rewards are astronomical!

At the root of the RRM system is the object called CURRENCY. Currency is simply a standard whereby a mutual exchange of value can take place without the complications of bartering. The key word is STANDARD. The foundation of RRM is the OPEN STANDARD that is without question broadly adopted and used rather understood or not. What do I mean by understood or not? You do NOT have to understand the underlying principles of paper money to use it effectively. It is broadly adopted therefore it works.

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In business, we sometimes say “ADDED VALUE” or “ADDING VALUE” or “VALUE ADDED”. This implies we take an input (i.e. raw material), add value to it, then sell it (the output). The black box of value add between the input and the output is called collectively your business processes.




Written by jsrector

The founder of a multi-channel cloud software company. A highly experienced high tech executive that consults with heads of states, chief executives, celebrities, producers, fellows, artists, authors, engineers, global brand managers and small business owners solving some of the most complex business problems on our beautiful planet.


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