The Internet of Objects

The “Internet of Objects” is a superset of the “Internet of Things”.  An object can be a person, a plant, an animal, a song, an event, a fictional place, an idea, a named tropical storm, a pothole, etc. Anyone can create an object using their smartphone. You can enrich your object a lot or a little. You can interact with any discoverable object.

You can build a process using multiple objects. A process is an activity flow. For example, you build a process called commute to work. You drag and drop objects into your commute to work process that are relevant to this process. You then glue these objects together using process tools and supplies. This approach is more analogous to painting or writing music than computer programming which is why it is so broadly adopted. Billions of people LOVE building, improving, enriching, re-engineering processes. In the PROCESS STORE, billions of users subscribe to free and fee-based processes just like we do with the APP STORE today.

IoT Object 2

Your commute to work process is very dynamic. It adjusts every second to the state of the object:

  • weather conditions,
  • traffic conditions,
  • vehicle conditions,
  • schedule changes,
  • family emergencies,
  • heart rate,
  • stress levels, etc.

It works on your behalf in the background with the primary objective to improve your life. For example, your commute to work process detected your stress levels after the family emergency notification was received. Your commute to work process immediately begins interacting with discoverable objects and the appropriate in case of an emergency process to reduce your stress levels. After analyzing the process flows, your machine learning artificially intelligent software AGENT begins to act on your behalf by texting your spouse; scheduling a doctor’s appointment, rescheduling your business meetings, etc.

The Internet of Objects will create so much value in your life, that functioning without objects, processes and agents will be extremely difficult. If your processes are “down” for any reason, is analogous to trying to travel when the airline reservation systems are down.

The Internet of Objects will become so embedded in our daily lives, that our education system will have to be completely revamped to teach humans basic life skills.

This will occur in your lifetime.



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