How to read non verbals on Facebook

As humans we communicate primarily through non-verbal communications.  93%.  Only 7% of our language skills are valued.  93% of our value is expressed non-verbally!  SO!  how does one “read” non verbals on Facebook.  Great question!  You can thank me later for my research and wisdom. . .

1. ANONYMITY – If he / she is not she / he then that says 90%.  The entire reason that social media (and Facebook in particular) is interesting is the LACK OF ANONYMITY!!!  if you are on Facebook as a pseudo then good luck.  in 12 years you are class-less.

2. SPELLING – I actually can speell 🙂 better than I pretend.  I do it with great purpose.  My words can never be plagiarized because I secretly encode every word with ME.  If you can’t smell him / her on a post, that tells me her / his feet are pointed in the wrong direction.  (The ultimate non verbal test is FEET btw) (next time you are with others notice where their feet are pointed!)  the greatest test of all!

3. DIGITAL PYRAMIDDING – pyramid-ing is done with the hands.  sub conscience unless you are a control freak.  online it appears in the form of silence.  pyramidders are voyeurs in real and digital life.  they are THE decision maker however.  I use the 90:9:1 rule.

4. CROSS ARMED  (Facebook style) – If you study non-verbal communication, you are familiar with cross-arm.  Tough one for discovering with online communication.  I’ve discovered that cross-arming is no more complicated than — lack of interest.  I know at any given point when I’m being cross-armed.

Although you may think you are smart, i can smell your breath.  I read non verbals like no other.  Be brave.  Be you.  BE a bitch if needed.  BE!  stop pretending.  it doesn’t work.  I can smeel you 🙂  (encode)

I can smell you through my iPhone. 🙂

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