The 4 types of Problem Solvers

You can smell it on them.  They are a “problem solver”.  You can hear it when they speak.   start talking. . . before you finish your sentence, their busy beautiful minds are already hard at work solving your problems.  In my world, I’ve met 4 types. . .

The “Band Aid”  

He doesn’t really solve the problem.  He “contains” the problem.  He is your best friend when you need it QUICK and SIMPLE.  Bring some duck tape, a hammer and some WD-40 and this man can bandaid your ass to the point you might not even want to meet my next friend – “The Corrector”

The “Corrector”

He and his friends (all male) analyze your problem.  They are good.  They can sniff out a root cause to a problem like a drug dog at an airport in Jamaica.  You hate “Correctors” however.  You know why?  They say it out loud. . . “your baby is ugly”  Correctors are cool.  Swallow that pill.  Correctors only have the best intentions.  They just don’t know how to tell you politely that your baby is ugly.

The “Creative”

Gotta love a master “Creative”.  He will rearrange your life rather you like it or not 🙂  He hears things a “Band Aid” or a “Corrector” cannot hear.  He is masterfully minded to help you, BUT you must follow the cheese.  Cause he will move it!  Problem solved!

The “Cleaner”

The “Cleaner” doesn’t mess around.  What problem?  He buries your problem with Jimmy Hoffa.  Mafia style 🙂  He takes out a clean sheet of paper and draws you a new reality.  You simply say “Yes, Sir” and “Thank You” often even though you have no idea where he buried your problem.  Don’t ask ANY QUESTIONS!  Just say “Thanks” 🙂

Go hug a problem solver today.  Every problem has multiple solutions.  YOU just choose the right solution for YOU.

PS. All great problem solvers do all 4 btw.  They are a pain in the ass!  but your life is less problematic because of them, SO HUG ONE TODAY 🙂

You can thank me later.

If you need me, I’m busy!  but if you really need ME, you know where to find ME.

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