DesignDear design engineer,

Customers and potential customers LOVE helping YOU design the next version or model.  WE (all of us) know what we want now.  WE just need to get closer to YOU (our beloved design engineers).  You are a pain in the ass btw.  #justsayin.  You think you know everything and you hate rules.  Thank God!  Otherwise you could not create the magic.  Let us help YOU!   Lets engineer together.  It won’t disrupt the process.  It will make your process easier.   You will LOVE us in the mornings before coffee.  AND Extra bonus!! WE work for FREE!


The problem is how to make that easy as pie.


WELL good thing I know everything.  I have a solution. . .

  • Direct integration with the glass.  WE are here everyday like clockwork!
  • Full disclosure of the design.  Let us see everything!  Full disclosure.  Risky but worth it.
  • Really listen.  The audience likes to be heard NOT ignored.
  • Be fast!  First to market wins.  Patents and licenses are kinda useless in the future.
  • Integration with “back end” systems.  That includes component management btw!

Good luck out there engineers!  Embrace change when your cheese is moved.

You can thank me later 🙂

Written by John Rector

John Rector is the President of Social Media Target, LLC. He is the co-founder of E2OPEN, a multi-channel cloud software company. A highly experienced technology executive that consults with heads of states, chief executives, creatives, artists, authors, engineers, global brand managers and small business owners on artificial intelligence and the human experience (attention + awareness.

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