Title: Symposium – A Revolutionary Approach to Real-Time Industry Analysis by the Widget Industry Association (WIA)


The Widget Industry Association (WIA) is set to host a groundbreaking 3-day symposium at Jupiter Beach, Florida, from October 3-5, 2025. Nicknamed “Hackathons,” these events take inspiration from tech meetups where coding is performed on the fly, but with a unique twist tailored to the widget industry. Participants, including representatives and their teams from each member organization, will bring confidential, ‘clean’ data to collectively analyze industry trends in real time.

Day 1: Secure Data Check-in

Upon arrival, each representative is tasked with entering their respective organization’s private data – including information on orders, materials, constraints, and other trade secrets – into the “vault.” This process adheres to strict industry-agreed specifications, ensuring the utmost security, integrity, and proper hashing of all information. This unique approach safeguards each member’s confidentiality while creating a collective dataset for meaningful analysis.

Day 2: The Keynote Presentation

On the second day, the symposium kicks off with a high-level keynote presentation. This pivotal moment reveals the industry trends derived from the collective data, artfully exposing overarching patterns without violating the privacy of individual members. The anticipation surrounding this revelation sets the stage for the collaborative work that follows.

Days 2-3: Break-out Work Sessions

Following the keynote, participants engage in a series of break-out work sessions spanning the remaining days. Utilizing their AI assistants, representatives and teams dissect the data further, producing various meaningful reports tailored to their interests and goals. These intense analysis sessions embody the collaborative spirit of the WIA, as members work together to extract actionable insights.

Rights and Benefits:

Each member’s participation in the symposium grants them the right to use the resultant dataset in any manner they see fit. This includes the ability to sell reports and other derived products. The shared endeavor thus not only enhances industry-wide understanding but also creates opportunities for individual gains.


The WIA’s 3-day symposium represents a revolutionary shift in the way industry data is handled and analyzed. By embracing real-time collaboration, strict confidentiality protocols, and the power of AI, the association fosters a new era of transparent yet secure industry analytics. The model exemplifies the future of trade association symposiums, showcasing a proactive and cutting-edge approach that benefits individual members and the widget industry as a whole.

Author: John Rector

John Rector, a former IBM executive and co-founder of e2open, has an impressive portfolio of leadership roles across a range of companies and industries. In the realm of digital marketing, he has successfully led Social Media Target, ensuring its competitiveness in the ever-evolving digital landscape. He has also served operationally at Rainbow Packaging, focusing on the delivery of farm-fresh produce. John's creativity and vision for web technologies shine through at Bodaro and Palm ❤️, the latter being a graphic design studio founded in June 2023. He has also ventured into the education sector with Nextyrn, a tutoring startup that leverages AI for personalized learning experiences. His entrepreneurial spirit has also seen the founding of Potyn, an innovative project that uses AI to create bespoke art. The newest additions to his extensive portfolio include Nozeus, Infinia, Blacc Ink, and Maibly, further expanding his influence across various industries.

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