Emergynt: Your Personal AI Companion

At Emergynt, we create personal AI companions that really know you!

In collaboration with Appire, we offer wearable tech that takes your AI companion everywhere you go, transforming your life with an intelligent assistant that is always by your side.

Our subscription plans cater to your unique needs, whether you’re a student, professional, or just someone looking for a digital friend.

Subscription Plans


  • Limited AI companion customization
  • Access to standard features
  • Monthly app updates
  • Basic Appire wearable integration


  • Full AI companion customization
  • Access to all features
  • Bi-weekly app updates
  • Advanced Appire wearable integration
  • Priority customer support


  • Advanced AI companion personalization
  • Early access to new features
  • Weekly app updates
  • Full Appire wearable integration
  • Priority customer support
  • Exclusive offers and promotions

Why Choose Emergynt?

  1. Personalized AI Companions Our AI companions are tailored to your needs, preferences, and personality, ensuring a truly unique and personalized experience.
  2. Secure & Private Our hybrid approach ensures the highest level of security and privacy for your data, with half of the compute and storage taking place on your mobile device.
  3. Appire Wearable Tech Our partnership with Appire brings your AI companion to life through advanced wearable technology, offering a seamless integration with your daily life.
  4. Unrivaled Convenience Emergynt’s AI companions are designed to make your life easier, providing assistance, companionship, and support whenever you need it.
  5. Continuous Improvement Our regular updates and feature releases ensure that your AI companion keeps growing and evolving alongside you.

Transform Your Life with Emergynt Today

Join the Emergynt family and experience the power of a personal AI companion that’s always by your side.

Author: John Rector

John Rector owns, operates, implements, consults, and teaches. He is the IBM executive that co-founded the world renowned E2open and Social Media Target. He is a co-owner of Rainbow Packaging Corporation. He owns Mind Media Group. He implements software for other businesses. He teaches a weekly workshop at his office in Mt. Pleasant, SC, USA. He consults with business professionals on an hourly or monthly basis. He currently resides in Charleston, SC.

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