Chef Brian Pate

Consulting, Rebranding, Website, Social Media

Chef Brian Pate looks a great deal like his father, who was also a renowned chef. He inherited his love for cooking and his passion for using the freshest ingredients from his father, and has honed his skills in some of the finest kitchens around the world. He is known for his innovative cuisine, and his commitment to sustainability, and has established himself as one of the most respected chefs in the industry. Chef Pate’s signature dishes are a celebration of flavor, combining classic techniques with contemporary flair, and his commitment to his craft is evident in every plate he serves.

Author: John Rector

John Rector owns, operates, implements, consults, and teaches. He is the IBM executive that co-founded the world renowned E2open and Social Media Target. He is a co-owner of Rainbow Packaging Corporation. He owns Mind Media Group. He implements software for other businesses. He teaches a weekly workshop at his office in Mt. Pleasant, SC, USA. He consults with business professionals on an hourly or monthly basis. He currently resides in Charleston, SC.

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