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980,000,000 humans are having a social media experience right now this very instance. Much like The Human Experience, a social media experience is unique to that one particular human being.

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When humans experience traditional media they all share a common reference point. This is not so with social media. There is no common reference point.

“How about that concert!” exclaimed an attendee. Every human at that concert rather in person or online experienced the concert the same way in the same sequence. “How about that Instagram!” said no one ever. No two people experience Instagram or Snapchat the same.

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This is why we only do social media. It is unlike traditional media in more ways than it is like traditional media (including digital media).

We represent our client’s interest in massive online communities call social media. At any given moment in time, 980 million users may or may not come into close contact with you or your brand(s). That close contact may or may not change your world as you know it. That close contact with that one human being may have a greater impact on your desired outcomes than any other activity you are actively doing right now (or planning).

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Human beings are transforming into digitally-savvy beings. As your agent in these massive online communities, we represent your interest. We do so using proper protocols and etiquette.

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Social media is software that exists both in “The Cloud” and your human premise (typically a smartphone). We know how that software creates and manages unique experiences for each human. We know how to please both the humans and the artificial intelligent software agents.

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Digitally-savvy human beings will soon outnumber human beings. As with all paradigm shifts, there will be winners and losers. Let us help you WIN!

When you’re ready, We’re ready.


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