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Content Partnerships that Extend Your Reach, Not Your Workday!

Build your brand and win new fans through the authentic connections popular creators and public figures have with the audiences you want to reach most. Brand Collabs Manager makes it easy to find the right creative talent, get clear insights on their most engaged followers, and partner on branded content you can promote with targeted ads.

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4 hours of Facebook WOW! One-Time Fee (non-recurring)


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People don’t use social media. People walk their dogs in social media. Social Media is the “dog park” and the dog is human attention. It’s your human attention that desires surprise and wonder. It needs it. Your human attention is designed and built for surprise and wonder. Its primary mission is to be on guard to keep you alive. In a secure environment, your attention is free to wander off on its secondary and tertiary missions: curiosity, understanding, and creativity.

Dog park etiquette is rooted in empathy. Empathy is not that hard. All you need to do to be successful at social media in 2019 is to be empathetic to both the dogs and the dog owners (or walkers). Know why they are there in the first place. Behave in accordance with the unwritten rules of the dog park.

You are inside a software construct when you are having a social media experience. The software creates and manages that experience. I call it a “secret organization of cats” because they need you to believe that you are in charge. They need you to feel like you have free will when in fact you do not.

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