Gamify your Business Flow

The critical success factor (CSF) in business is getting your “value chain” to participate in your business flows in a highly effective manner. Do this and you’re done! Congratulations are in order. Once your value chain is integrated with your business flows you can enjoy the profits of your hard work.

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Save thousands of dollars, improve customer and employee loyalty and increase sales by gamify-ing your business flows

Do not underestimate how difficult it is to get value chain participants to ADOPT YOUR business flows. For some weird reason, most business professionals automatically assume that prospects, customers, suppliers, business partners, contractors, agents, etc. (Your value chain participants) gladly and willingly will adopt your way of doing business. This is the ultimate arrogant assumption in business. If you can simply embrace that NOBODY cares about your particular business flows except you, this will serve you well. Even if they tell you how much they love doing business with you on your terms, don’t take that statement as truth.

Always assume your way is the wrong way and that their way is the correct way.

Do not ask your suppliers to use your supplier system. Use theirs. Do not ask customers to use your systems. Use theirs. Do not ask your employees to do it your way. Do it their way. This may seem impossible but I can prove to you that it is not. I can show you how to save thousands of dollars, improve customer and employee loyalty and increase sales by gamify-ing your business flows.

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Author: John Rector

John Rector owns, operates, implements, consults, and teaches. He is the IBM executive that co-founded the world renowned E2open and Social Media Target. He is a co-owner of Rainbow Packaging Corporation. He owns Mind Media Group. He implements Shopify software solutions for other businesses. He teaches a weekly workshop at his office in Mt. Pleasant, SC, USA. He consults with business professionals on an hourly or monthly basis. He currently resides in Charleston, SC.

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