Interconnected Freedom

I like facts. They keep me from rationalizing realities that do not exist. I like the fact that each morning’s sunrise presents itself as it is and that I have no other choice but to accept the truth. I cannot wish it to be different. Complaining about it doesn’t do me (or you) any good. Just knowing each sunrise is different and that I have ZERO say in the matter, sets my mind right for the day in front of me. This is probably why I feel more interconnected with the universe with a sunrise versus a sunset.

We all need to be interconnected to many and yet we all need our freedom from one another. When these two desired outcomes are out of balance, you feel it inside you. You feel the absence of Harmony. Statistically speaking, feeling Harmony inside your Being is on par with sunny warm days.

Interconnected to many is most noticeable in the behavior of a small business owner struggling to make her business a success. She naturally desires for prospects, customers, suppliers, employees, investors and business partners to be intertwined TO her. She makes herself available. She naturally sacrifices her freedoms in the name of pursuit. Her pursuit of a future desired outcome naturally outranks her desire for freedom from her investors. Freedom from her suppliers. Freedom from her customer’s demands. Freedom from her prospect’s lack of attention. Her desire for freedom is ever present. It never leaves her. Her desire for a future outcome simply outranks this need. Freedom is the Yang. Interconnectedness is the Yin.

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Freedom from one is most noticeable in the customer service processes a business leader deploys to free herself from too many individuals. A voice response unit is purchased, installed and deployed in the pursuit of freedom from that customer. As soon as a small business owner achieves success, the pendulum quickly swings the other way. Most rationalize this behavior at the subconscious level. They feel the pendulum swing the other way and it feels good. The lack of freedom has been present for so long that the relief is warmly embraced.

When you are too interconnected your “self” pushes you toward freedom as soon as the threshold is crossed.  When you are too free an Intuitive thought nudges you ever so slightly back toward interconnectedness. Your plane is on autopilot. It is constantly making slight corrections from womb to tomb. There are certain steps you can take right now (you don’t have to wait unless you want to) that can center your feet on the Harmonious ground and allow you to experience that pleasurable feeling of Harmony. These are subtle and mindful steps. However, there is another way. A quick and artificial way exist. It is called “automation”.

Harmony exists when the two are in balance. Commerce is a lonely business. Technology makes rapid pendulum swings possible. Why gradually adjust toward Harmony when you can enjoy the great feeling of abundant freedom with automation NOW? Automation sets you FREE! You are gloriously free NOW and it feels so good NOW.

If an autopilot on a plane made course corrections like businesses use automation, we’d all be dizzy with a mask strapped to our face clutching our armrest with both hands.  

OMG! Did I just say that? I did! I think you feel the same way too. We are all dizzy in 2018. We are all wearing masks clutching an armrest with both hands.

Interconnected Freedom is achievable. It’s the natural design point. It exists rather you think it so or not. Just like with an autopilot on a plane, the great secret to Harmony is subtle and mindful corrections in your daily business processes. Do not automate your journey from womb to tomb. Use the technologies available to you to make subtle and mindful shifts without the need for masks and clutching.

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