business plan on wallSales.  We will always have sales people.  I did it for 20 years.  MARKETING is creating an environment in which a sale can take place.   Sales people LOVE great marketing. It makes their job easier. Marketing and Sales are very different. They are symbiotic but very different. Creating an environment in which a sale can place is changing.  I call it Marketing 1:1.  It requires more energy.  Way more energy!  BUT if you do it right, sales people will love YOU!

How to create an environment in which a sale can take place in our new world (2015 edition):

  • Know your client!  NOT your target.  Think like a salesperson.  Know him/her.  His/her’s spouse’s name.  Their kids.  Their hobbies. Their fears.
  • Define the problem.  Don’t understand it.  DEFINE IT!
  • Solutions are the flip side of the coin.  They buy solutions.  They buy solutions to the problem YOU define.
  • 3 heads are better than 1.  If you are creating marketing campaigns without at least 2 others, you are doing it wrong!
  • Be flexible!  Your team, your ideas, your audience, your sales people, your customers – they all change eventually.
  • Find your zone! Which hour of the day are magically creative.  Don’t worry about what your boss thinks or your organization’s “regular business hours”.  YOU create when you are in your zone.
  • THINK!  Do not think about you or your product or your solution or your quota. Think about them. Always SEE it through your audience’s eyes, not R&D or Sales or Management.  Think about your audience ALL THE TIME.  See them.  Be them.

You can thank ME later 🙂  Marketing 1:1

Written by jsrector

The founder of a multi-channel cloud software company. A highly experienced technology executive that consults with heads of states, chief executives, celebrities, producers, fellows, artists, authors, engineers, global brand managers and small business owners on artificial intelligence and the human experience (attention + awareness)

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