The Long Corridor

The long corridor stretches ahead,

Its walls a maze, its path widespread,

Through twists and turns it winds and bends,

A journey that seems to have no end.

At times it’s dark, the light is dim,

The shadows dance, the mood is grim,

But just as soon, a glimmer shines,

And hope springs forth, the future defines.


For situations change with time,

The lows and highs, they will oftentimes,

Transform and shift, in ways unseen,

A metamorphosis, ever so keen.


The long corridor, once cold and drear,

Now radiates warmth, a path so clear,

For time has passed, and with its flow,

The once-impossible becomes aglow.


The twists and turns, they make more sense,

The darkness fades, the light’s immense,

And through it all, one thing remains,

The hope that fuels, the heart sustains.


For change is just a moment’s flight,

A shift in time, a fresh insight,

And even in the darkest days,

The light will shine, in so many ways.


So hold on tight, the journey’s long,

But know that change will come along,

And though the path may seem unclear,

The long corridor will lead somewhere.

Author: John Rector

John Rector owns, operates, implements, consults, and teaches. He is the IBM executive that co-founded the world renowned E2open and Social Media Target. He is a co-owner of Rainbow Packaging Corporation. He owns Mind Media Group. He implements software for other businesses. He teaches a weekly workshop at his office in Mt. Pleasant, SC, USA. He consults with business professionals on an hourly or monthly basis. He currently resides in Charleston, SC.

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