History Maker

By being present and engaged in the world around us, we have the opportunity to witness and participate in the making of history. You are part of this moment. An active participant in the making of history.

Your ideas, your actions, and your choices have the power to shape the world around you and to leave a lasting impact on future generations. Every moment is an opportunity to contribute to the ongoing narrative of human history, and by being present and engaged, you have the chance to make a meaningful and positive difference. So embrace this moment and all the possibilities it holds. You are not simply a passive observer of history, but an active participant in its creation. The future is coming at you one second per second, so make the most of this moment and leave your mark on history.

Author: John Rector

John Rector owns, operates, implements, consults, and teaches. He is the IBM executive that co-founded the world renowned E2open and Social Media Target. He is a co-owner of Rainbow Packaging Corporation. He owns Mind Media Group. He implements software for other businesses. He teaches a weekly workshop at his office in Mt. Pleasant, SC, USA. He consults with business professionals on an hourly or monthly basis. He currently resides in Charleston, SC.

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