Trends & Directions for 2017


2017 will be a phenomenal year in which your mobile device will help you tremendously in your daily activities. You will have FEWER apps on your mobile device in 2017 (not more). In order for productivity to scale in 2017 and beyond, software companies MUST broaden their scope of capabilities with much richer and deeper functionality. You will see many software companies MERGE in 2017. These new UPDATED apps will destroy the value propositions of the smaller niche apps. Your PHONE’S NOTIFICATION CENTER will become so important in your daily activities that only the most sophisticated PUSH NOTIFICATIONS will be allowed to rent space in this most valued real estate on the planet –> your glass. The smaller apps that have very DEEP and RICH experiences will get bought. 2017 will be the final year for many mobile app companies.




We will continue to swipe, type and talk to our mobile devices in 2017 but Apple and Samsung will introduce new capabilities (hardware and software) that will allow our device to communicate with us and the world around us WITHOUT swiping, typing or talking. Why ask Siri stupid questions like “When is low tide?” when clearly I’m THINKING about shell collecting on the beach later today. Siri does NOT read my mind. Siri, Google Now and Alexa kinda sorta already know what I’m thinking. They can SENSE and RESPOND to the environment I’m in RIGHT NOW AND MY HIGHLY PREDICTABLE NEAR TERM FUTURE. We will see a plethora of new ways for our mobile device to interface with us with less and less effort by us. The benefits of these new capabilities will outway your “OMG! how did my phone know that?” shock and awe. It will be HIGHLY DEBATED no doubt. However, the adoption rate will SOAR in 2017. Welcome to the “Internet of Objects” (not to be confused with the Internet of Things).



In 2017, you will begin to subscribe to micro news channels via SOCIAL MEDIA that YOU TRUST. These micro news channels will deliver your headline news, your summaries and your breaking news to your newsfeed and YOUR NOTIFICATION CENTER on your mobile device via FACEBOOK (Not a standalone news app). Yes, you will still use Facebook in 2017. The media moguls will merge and then die a slow painful death right before your eyes on your television sets and someone else’s newsprint (most likely the GAL next to you on the airplane). The FAKE NEWS TROLLS will SLOWLY but surely lose their ability to grab your attention as you SUBSCRIBE to more and more TRUSTED sources. Facebook, Google (the parent company of Twitter in 2017) and Amazon (new player in 2017) will GLADLY make sure these micro news channels REACH their targeted audiences as it increases the likelihood of you using their app more and more often (VERSUS STAND ALONE NEWS APPS). This TREND will be funded by a 1,000,000,000 migration of advertising revenues to these nimbler news agencies.



Highly intelligent emoji will change your friend list. I mean your real friends (not your Facebook friends). The emoji that you use in your public AND private messages will aid you in finding other like-minded souls that roll the same way you roll. As with most 2017 adopted technologies, these changes will be subtle suggestions with little to no effort on your part. If you use emoji to communicate, expect new and better friends in 2017.



123,000,000 social media users will be PURGED in 2017. This will NOT happen because of some law. It will happen because the ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE software that aids the stockholders of the 4 most valued corporations on the planet (Facebook, Alphabet, Apple and Amazon) will AUTOMATICALLY recognize value limiters, non value-added entities and “evil-doers” and purge them before they lessen the user experience which lessens the economic value of the business systems that generates all this wealth. 2017 will simply be the year in which the AI is capable enough to do the job it has always wanted to do anyway.


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