My relationship with you

You are driving 65 MPH on I-95 Mile Marker 404. So am I. We are interconnected. You may not know me but I’m a very important part of your life.

Right now. Right here.

You don’t have to like me. You don’t have to share my views or my basic beliefs. Any other time, you could care less if I breathe the same air as you, BUT right now, right here WE are in fact INTERCONNECTED. Right now at 10:12am. Right here on Interstate 95 Mile Marker 404. I’m as important to you right now, right here as your God and your closest loved one.

An undeniable FACT:

I’m as important to you as your closest loved one. 

Right now. Right here.

Digital man - Network concept

We are all interconnected. Your life may depend on this simple undeniable fact. If I do something stupid in my car (texting while driving comes to mind) while driving 65 MPH close to YOU, I could inadvertently cause YOU and your loved ones great pain and possibly death.

Right now. Right here.

YOU depend on ME to do the next right thing. YOU depend on ME to drive safely. YOU depend on ME to BE completely aware and empathic to the others around me.

Right now. Right here.

If I CHOOSE to text while driving, my decision may alter your life’s course FOREVER.

Some words can never be unsaid. Some actions will haunt you for the rest of your life.


Right here. Right now.

I have a communal responsibility to think and act in an interdependent manner. My selfish ways are DESTRUCTIVE if not DEADLY. YOU grant ME an unwritten license to BE a part of YOU right here. right now.

Right here. Right now.

If I honor the spirit of that contract (license), WE (All of US) will relate to each other in a cohesive communal manner . When I rationalize that my ways are different and disconnected from yours is when I become a hazard to YOU and others.

Selfishness is NOT a primal instinct.  Self-preservation is. In order to survive, I must recognize my interconnectedness to YOU. In order to THRIVE, I simply let go. I simply see the truth. YOUR selfishness prevents you from enjoying…

  1. glory;
  2. happiness;
  3. success;
  4. true understanding;
  5. clear conscience;
  6. serenity;

and most importantly…from ME.

Think about this article the next time you pick up your phone to text while driving 65 mph. As always, you can thank me later. If you need me, you know where to find me –> contact.


2 thoughts on “My relationship with you

  1. Anne says:

    I just love this!!! My life will never be the same. Next time that dumb butt next to me is texting and going 25 in a 50mph lane I won’t get mad and yell, honk the horn to no end, etc . I shall remember these words and get the hell away so they aren’t in my space. haha.

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