Power of Attorney for Siri

notebook pen moneyVery soon I will be able to grant Siri a durable power of attorney to act on my behalf in certain affairs. She will decide for me.  I liken this to an armed drone versus a recon drone. Once Siri has my power of attorney, She no longer needs me. I call this “Zero Clicks“.

She will decide how to spend my money. She will decide which events I should attend. She will decide which charity I support.

I decide her budget.  I help her decide for me with every click I make.

We computer geeks think about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) all the time. When Siri has my power of attorney, she will optimize my wallet.  I will no longer SEARCH for shoes. Siri will simply buy my shoes and have them shipped to an appropriate physical address.  I say “appropriate physical address” because she knows where I am at all times.  She knows if I’m at a conference or on vacation.

This changes everything!  

  • Frequency rates reduce to 1.74 (sorry broadcast media)

  • 501c3 applications in the United States of America INCREASE dramatically.

  • Mobile applications significantly decline.

  • Law Schools see a dramatic reduction in student applications.

  • Cashiers are no longer needed.

  • Marketing budgets INCREASE.

  • Productivity levels hit a new high which effects GDP for every nation on our planet.

  • Domain registrations increase dramatically.

  • Keyword phrases are automatically generated and rarely questioned.

  • Non violent crime rates fall significantly.

  • Every movie, book, podcast, song and image is available anytime anywhere at a well known established fair market value.

  • Copyright violations dramatically decline.

All because we empower our smartphones with a durable power of attorney.

You can thank me later.

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